HAVANA.- Tenemos Memoria (We have Memory) is the name of a series of activities against the economic blockade and terrorism which began on Wednesday in Havana reaffirming that the debt of the horrendous crimes against Cuba remains.  The denunciation continues because history is repeated in other countries of Latin America.

The coordinator of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity of the Peoples, Graciela Ramirez said on Wednesday at the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) that the series of activities will conclude on October 6th denouncing impunity and a call for freedom and equality of the peoples.

She added that 21 years after the assassination of the young Italian Fabio Di Celmo, we still feel the pain of his family; that is why, his father, Giustino Di Celmo was never absent from an action condemning terrorism and demanding justice and the imprisonment for Luis Posada Carriles, intellectual author of the crimes.

The President of the Italy-Cuba Friendship Association, Irma Dioli expressed that the Cuban people demanded justice for Fabio as one of its own and added that despite the efforts, Posada Carriles died without paying for his crimes.

She expressed that the association she leads has been subjected to attempts in dividing the organization, but “they have not been able to and will never succeed”.

Dioli highlighted that they will never renounce to the just causes, or will never stop supporting Cuba in its fight to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for over 6 decades.

Thalia Gattorno, granddaughter of Miguel Espinosa, co-pilot of the Cubana Airliner that blew up in midair off the coast of Barbados (October 6th, 1976), said that she grew up in a household full of love; however, destiny marked her family like many others in Cuba after losing a loved one due to the mercenary bomb.

She said that we cannot continue to point our fingers at Orlando Bosch or Posada Carriles, time did not allow us to do so, the debt is still there and denunciations continue because history repeats itself in other countries in Latin America like Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia.

The President of ICAP, Fernando Gonzalez recalled that Cuba cried for Fabio as one of its own, another son lost his life, victim of hate of those that would do anything to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

He expressed that with barely 32 years of age, Di Celmo still had many dreams ahead, but the bomb diminished the life of his father in many ways and demanded justice for his son until the last days of his life.

However, pain has not made us surrender, or renounce, or stopped believing or constructing; the pain has not broken the unity of the people regarding its Revolution.