The National Assembly of People's Power of the Republic of Cuba will meet in its Third Ordinary Period of Sessions, in its IX Legislature, next July 13.

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Biotechnology, between affectations and challenges because of the blockade

One of the lines of scientific investigation with better results in the history of the University of Camagüey  is the one dedicated to the Biotechnology, however, its contribution to the Cuban and world science could be much bigger if there did not exist the economic, financial and commercial blockade that the Government of the United States.

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Tenemos Memoria (We have Memory) is the name of a series of activities against the economic blockade and terrorism which began on Wednesday in Havana reaffirming that the debt of the horrendous crimes against Cuba remains.  The denunciation continues because history is repeated in other countries of Latin America.

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Over 2 million hectare of land granted in usufruct in Cuba

The Cuban government granted over 2 million hectare of idle land in usufruct in the last ten years, after the passing of Decree-Law 259, in an effort to boost food production.

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The golden challenges of Rose Mary in the double lap to the ova

To impose time goals on herself whenever she enters the career track is the approval of Rose Mary Almanza Blanco, at present main figure of Cuba in the specialty of athletics of 800 flat meters.

Cuban Canoeist achieves Second Title in the World Cup

Cuban Serguei Torres got a gold medal in the 2018 ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup held in Szeged, Hungary, by winning the C-1 Men 5000 meters event with time of 21: 57.394 minutes.

Conquering the sun

Camagüey began the conquest of the sun through the promotion of renewable sources of energy, and in particular the construction of photovoltaic solar parks, getting into the final execution of the third of these facilities in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, known as Imías.

More than 1,750,000 students are beginning today the 2017-2018 school year in Cuba, a period whose beginning has been preparing in the country for several weeks.

Culprit?, I accept

“It seems that when one has children she loves more the freedom …”, said once Amalia Simoni, that illustrious mother and Camagüey´s citizen, moved especially by the courage of independence that her very loved husband and patriot should inject her...