CAMAGÜEY.- The sixth Party of the Tinajón (Earthenware jar) is already a reality. There was no a more accurate way to start this of doing news with it in a full street. With art in the Avenue of the Freedom it was making its way with a representation of the culture of Camagüey.

Dance, music, color, audience, artists, hosts, guests. What more can be asked? It was promised to be a parade, but it has been a luminous runway of authenticity and rhythm of fans and professionals of the scene, which invites to keep on walking with the healthy pride of a bountiful ground.

 Our artists, copious ambassadors of the spirituality of their cradle, have given the welcome to the most popular area of the metropolis, from today until March 26, due to the event that Irma Horta Mesa, provincial director of Culture, qualified it together with the Fair of the Book as the events of major social impact, without peers in Cuba.

 This Party aspires also make people fall in love with the secret power of the water of tinajón, which the foreign one that drinks it is tied forever to this legendary place of the country.

 Transalted by Linet Acuña Quilez