HAVANA.- (ACN) Cuban singer Erick Jon will celebrate the prize from Akademia Award for best Single Latin Music of 2016 with a concert scheduled for Wednesday at 7pm at the National Fine Arts Museum in Havana.

The artist told Cuban News Agency that he will perform the single that got him the prize, Te Extrano (I miss you) by Armando Manzanero, version by Emilio Vega and Quiereme con tus Besos (Love me with your kisses) and Dime que No (Say No) written by Jon and other pieces that have been hits in his artistic career.

Akademia Award based in Los Angeles California will hold an awards ceremony  on April 20th and Jon will travel to participate in the presentations and will receive his award.

This institution has offices in several countries and is made up by a radio and television network across the globe whose executives have worked with some of the renowned artists of all times, like Michael Jackson and Prince and U2 rock group.

The jury visits the artists and attends their concerts in search for talents. They attended one of Jon’s concerts in Finland allowing them to observe his talents and great vocal potential.

The text of the prize proposal said that Erick Jon is one of the best vocalists they have seen in a long time and are satisfied with his performance, in addition to being the first Cuban artists in achieving the recognition.

The Adolfo Guzman Provincial Music and Show Company sponsor the concert where the young Cuban singer will perform his repertoire and will be accompanied by excellent musicians.

Among them Lazarito Valdes, Ronnie Lopez (from Bamboleo group), Monica Mesa and the vocal group Renacer.

Erick Jon’s style is distinguished by a fusion of classic boleros with jazz, in addition to including other genres like bachata, soul, son and pop.