We will present a new show in which we have been working over the last few months, Manuel (Guajiro) Mirabal told the press on Thursday, with a repertoire that includes pieces by the group that are little-known to the
audience, and others that are icons of the project, such as Chan Chan, El cuarto de Tula, Candela and Dos gardenias, among others.

 Also, he added, the concerts will pay tribute to great musicians that were part of the orchestra and are no longer with us, like Ruben Gonzalez, Ibrahim Ferrer and Francisco Repilado (Compay Segundo).

 Although Buena Vista comes to an end, commented the diva of the group, Omara Portuondo, we will continue singing and we hope that our music will live in people’s memory and continue delighting the world.

 This project, expressed Eliades Ochoa, has made history, and the CDs and memories that the project has left in all parts of the world will make people remember us.

Daniel Florestano, president of Montuno Productions, announced that in December a film that will show the work carried out by the orchestra over the last 20 years and delve into the stories of its members will be

 Goodbye Tour is the name of the world tour carried out by the group since the end of June 2014, which began in several countries in Europe and that will put an end to an important work cycle.

Grammy winners in 1998 for the album after which the group was named and nominated for an Oscar Award in 2000 by the homonymous documentary, Buena Vista Social Club currently brings together musicians of different training and styles, who have managed to successfully preserve and spread Cuban traditional music.

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