Until future Sunday, the 27th, the young artistic vanguard from Camagüey will lead numerous actions that include the presentation of the Brigade of Young Artists, the sociocultural projects Cinema in the Neighborhoods, and Golpe a golpe in the communities far from the urban center of the provincial capital, as El Jardín, Florat, La Guernica, El Edén and Alturas del Cerro.

Also, they will come to the Physically Disabled Home, the psychiatric hospital “Comandante René Vallejo”, the Penitentiary Center of Youngsters, the pediatric hospital “Eduardo Agramonte Piña”, to central spaces like the Park of Love, in the city of Camagüey, and to the municipalities of Florida and Vertientes.

It will be carried out a course of production of spectacles, exchanges with personalities of the Culture in the territory and meetings dedicated to the literary, photographic and audio-visual criticism.

The room of videos and conferences Channel 11, of the House of the Young Artist, will also host a course of promotion, organization and cultural communication.

Groups as “Punto de giro”, “As de trébol” and the project “Trovarte” will cheer up the nights in the Balcón de las Artes (Balcony of the Arts), place where the discharges of trova, rap, rock and electronic music will take place.

Other proposals of the Fair include the video clips projection of the local producer Luz Joven that have deserved the award El Reino de este Mundo (The Kingdom of this World) and the presentation of rewarded works in the audio-visual exhibition El almacén de la Imagen (The store of the Image), in the patio Arte joven (Young Art), of the AHS.

With this event, the AHS in Camagüey closes the present year and opens a wide plan to be deployed during the next calendar, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this organization.

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