The honored one, who kicked off her career very young and exercised the teaching as postgraduate of an emergent school year for art instructors in the decade of 1980, said to feel very happy and with many desires of continue the working for the enjoyment of.

Ileana was grat eful to his husband Joel Jover, also renowned Cuban creator, for the offered educations all these years, and recognized like transcendental moments of her work when she saw for the first time her works exhibited in the National Fine Arts Museum, and in important galleries of Europe and America.

She commented to be in the art for love and to feel deeply proud of being Cuban and native of the city of Camagüey, metropolis that she identifies like inspiring muse for its architecture, peace and civil calmness.

I never stop working, she added, and in these moments I just finished a piece dedicated to the flag called ¨Estado de  gestación¨, which will be exhibited next January in Havana, and it refers to the new generations.

Deserver of the Award Espejo de Paciencia, maximum banner granted by the culture sectorial in the territory, from her Gallery-Workshop, Ileana Sánchez paints for exhibition spaces of Paris, Madrid or New York, as she decorates free, with her murals, public places of this city.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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