The artist represented an Asian child with a hat of ¨yarey¨, Caribbean element, from his stay in that nation, so tied its identity as one of the essential components of the cultural crossbreeding of Cuba.

The piece realized in 2014 with acrylic on linen, has 110 for 150 centimeters, and belongs to the series Be One, which includes portraits of women, men and elders, common personages of that oriental country.

“I was touched very much by the daily faces, the architecture, the meal and its intentions, and in general sense the culture of a nation that I feel nearby, due to the ties of our two countries, the fruits of the transculturación”, mentioned Chuli Herrera to Adelante.

Be One was exhibited last year in the Latin American and Caribbean Center, of Beijing; and although it has not been presented in its set in Cuba, several pieces were appreciated in the Lounge of the City of Camagüey.

The painter and teacher Joel Jover ensured that “the circle closes. A Cuban goes to China, and as in a dream he recalls those essential images of our landscape, returns the hat of yarey, excellent symbol of Cuban identity at the head of these persons, who knows if progeny of those Chinese who some day went so far as to our island nation to cultivate our vegetables that prepared our table, always under the cuban yarey hat”.

Member of the Hermanos Saíz Association, this Camagüeyan wraps up from taking part in a collective exhibit in the Gallery of the Library San Javier, Medellin, Colombia; and his works have integrated projects in the United States and China.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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