Nevertheless, the cinematic patrimony of our country is not only about the productions of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC), although the centralized politics of distribution, exhibition and even conservation, reaffirm this belief.

From places and sensibilities as different as the cinematographic studies of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and those of the Cuban Television, the fertile sands of the independent production or the emigrated intellectual community; an arsenal of valuable creations escapes often to the recognition or the collective memory.

The event foresees to assemble producers, researchers and public in the different facilities of the thematic walk The Street of the Movies to throw a critical glance to the cinematographic patrimony from the 60s’ up to date in the Studies of the Cuban Television.

Premieres and exhibition of films, theoretical sessions dedicated to the problems of the movies realized for the television and of the new mechanisms of production in Cuba and up to a contest to award the best Teleplay of the year, are some of the proposals of the program of this meet.

During the five days of the Festival, its spectators will be able to re-visit movies as Añejo cinco años and Caballito  de Coral, by Magda González Grau; Los aretes que le faltan a la Luna, Hombre de Venus and Los Heraldos Negros, by Charlie Medina;  La Avería, Extravíos and Corazón partido bajo otras circunstancias, by Alejandro Gil; Desencuentros y Sacrificio, by Joel Infante; among other materials.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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