This way, facing the Sun, to invoke this deity, the lovers of the folklore invaded the city this week with the VIIth edition of the Olorum Festival. The event, sponsored by the Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey (BFC) and the Provincial Council of the Scenic Arts, promotes the Cuban folk art as expression of our national identity.

Reinaldo Echemendía, director of the BFC and president of the contest emphasized that “from this call dedicated to the folklore in Guantánamo and to the figure of already missing Teacher Alfredo Velázquez, who was the director of the company Danza Libre of this province, the Olorum turns into the national festival of the folklore in Cuba; a gift for Camagüey that recognizes also the work of more than 20 years of the FBC and its insistence in the promotion of the traditional popular culture”.


Among the presentations most acclaimed by the Camagüeyan public during the Olorum it was De La Habana vengo, a La Habana  voy, the most recent premiere of the Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey, with assembly and choreography of the Spanish Fleming dancer Carolina Pozuelo, and musical direction by the also Spanish Diego Villegas and Reinaldo Echemendía.

Of Cuba Carolina takes many memories, but she decided to sum her experiences up in the desire of not wanting to leave Cuba. “I think that I have to return to my house and then I return and say to myself that I am already in it”.

Nevertheless, she said good bye in the inaugural parade of the Olorum from El Gallo Square up to the Ignacio Agramonte Park, along with several local and invited companies. After dancing a bit of conga and walk-on, she confessed joking: "I love these rhythms but I feel as a "duck", there are many steps and I am crossed”.


Among the foreign groups that these days invade with their folklore the Camagüeyan  theaters, streets and squares highlight the feminine group Obbiní Batá, the National Folkloric Group, the Folkloric Ballet Babul and Danza Libre, the above mentioned from Guantánamo.

The locals, the Ballet of Camagüey, the Theatrical company La Andariega, Rumbatá, Maraguán, the groups Caidije and Bonito Patuá, Endedans, Desandann, the Academy of the BFC and other groups that shape the best of the local art.

In the closing ceremony of the event on Sunday evening, will be delivered the Award Olorum 2015 to the Teacher Manolo Micler, director of the National Folkloric Group, the Distinctions Aché and other recognitions.

The Festival Olorum, according to Teacher Silvina Fabar, is a very awaited event, because it always answers to the traditional culture of our country, and invites the people to rescue its folklore.

Translated by BA in English Language, Manuel Barrera Téllez

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