CAMAGÜEY.- One of the country’s most traditional festivities, San Juan in Camagüey will catch fire on the streets of this ancient city with a wide range of proposed festive activities and others attached to the most authentic tradition of the city between June 24th and 29th.

Next June 23rd, in the early hours of the next day, the reading of the bando will be carried out at the House of the Municipal Government, as the preamble to the first day of popular joy.

As it is tradition, on June 24th the ajíaco will be prepared in every quarter of the municipality during the afternoon. This is a well-rooted custom because it can reunite neighbors in the preparation of this soup, which includes meat and several vegetables as ingredients, not forgetting the seasoning and spice supply.

This time the Children’s Parade will be held in areas of the Casino Campestre Park, with the goal of harnessing its infrastructure, which ensures greater comfort for the youngest members of the family who attend with their parents to the invitation

The called Camagüebax, Ecos del Tínima, Raíces and Baila Conmigo will be at the kids’ party. Their dancers are now several primary school children from the territory.

The Parade on the 25th and the 27th, will gather the car parades from Culture, MINDUS (Ministry of Industry), Gastronomy, Transport, Agriculture and AZCUBA.

This forever-loved show will start at 6:00 p.m. local time, and it will begin at the centrally-located Workers´ Square and it will conclude at the spacious Liberty´s Square. And it includes a tour through Avellaneda, Martí, Independencia streets until its final destination.

The neighborhoods will be responsible for the Parade (it does not include the car parades) with different performances of congas, comparsas and other attractions, on June 27th and 28th, in the afternoon. San Pedro’s Burial will take place on June 29th. This is a farewell ritual to the local festivity.

For those who love dancing, 14 areas spread across the city have been prepared to receive groups such as the Orquesta Aragón, Original de Manzanillo, Manolito y su Tirijala, Karachi and Maikel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor. They will perform along with around 19 groups from Camagüey

The characterized areas will be located at the Solidarity´s Square (Teatro del Pueblo), Padre Valencia Street (Excelencia Cabaret) and Santa Ana´s Square (Rincón Campesino).


Translated by Keila Novoa Ricardo