CAMAGÜEY.- Sydney Ignacio Campbell Herrera is a music teacher, who is beloved in his hometown, as well as in his other Caribbean island where he has worked in collaboration with the Bahamas Music Academy for five years.

Adelante Digital talked to him through a socil network, because tomorrow the final concert of this academic year will take place there, and because from here his kids embrace him as if it were next Sunday, Fathers’ Day .

Regarding how much it means to Cuba, there is an exhibit in the National Culture Order that he received in 2017, as well as in his students’ affection from the Vocational Art School Luis Casas Romero, from the Conservatory of Music José White and from the University of Arts.

- What is a person’s real strength?

- Discipline, knowledge, honesty, self-esteem, love, friendship.

- Do you have a favorite word?

- Family.

- And what about a favorite proverb?

- Sooner or later, discipline will surmount intelligence.

- Where would you spend your ideal holiday?

- With my familiy in Cuba.

- What would you like to change about how you were raised?

- I would not change anything. All I would like is to have my mother with me to continue to learn from her .

- What qualities do you appreciate the most?

- Sincerity, humility and discipline.

- If you could learn something new, what would you choose?

- Teaching.

- When you think of happiness, what comes to your mind?

- My family.

- Is there something you would eat without getting tired of it?

- Beans.

- In your opinion, what was the greatest concert you have attended to?

- When my daughter played solo the P. I.Tchaikovsky’s violin and orchestra concerto with the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra.

- If you gave a special tip to a child, what would it be?

- There is nothing impossible in life. Everything requires a lot of sacrifice, discipline and love. You should always listen carefully to your parents and teachers’ advice.

  • Translated by Keila Novoa Ricardo/student