CAMAGÜEY.- Students of the Academy of the Arts Vicentina de la Torre participate in the 25th Meeting of Academies for the Teaching of Ballet and the International Competition for young students of Ballet, which takes place from April 13 to 27, in the National School, in the Cuban capital.

During the event, several galas dedicated to different personalities will take place and for it Camagüey’s province contributes three assemblies.

Acela Piña Montoya, head of the Ballet Department of the Academy Vicentina de la Torre, commented to Adelante Digital that it is a profitable experience, as it is appreciated the development of the Cuban ballet when compared with other schools in the world and "offers us the possibility of verifying the effectiveness of the Cuban school, which is based on solid principles, studied and implemented by the Maestros Fernando, Alicia and Alberto Alonso.

The jury will be chaired by the Ballet Methodologist, the prestigious Maitre Ramona de Saá, and by other Cuban and foreign professionals. The parameters are very rigorous, they include technical execution, artistic execution, musicality and physical proportions, and each one has a score of 10 points. The students receive a certificate of participation and when they arrive at the last step of the competition they assure a Mention.

In addition, during the program there are lectures of Methodology of the Ballet, Importance of the theory and application of the arts, Phenomenon of the male dance in the Cuban school, Nutritional Balance, Flamenco Dance and Trajectory of the National Ballet of Cuba.

The Santiago de Cuba’s student Amauris Redondo Lussón explains: "The time of the Festival is of great tension for the participants, although it is a stimulus means a responsibility, because you represent in a general way the Cuban ballet in a scenario before young people and professors from other countries. "

"In the first week we shared, we received classes and in the second week everybody competes individually. It is an honor and a pleasure to participate in this kind of event, because it really enriches our technique and learning, "says Shirley Suárez Huerta, another future dancer participant.

For her colleague María Fernanda Jaime, "It is a great achievement to represent the school, also makes us grow as dancers."

The prestigious academic institution, a benchmark for the eastern region of the country had a good performance in this event the year before while obtaining Gold medal choreography by the Ropes of the master Karen Rouco.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez