CAMAGÜEY.- A new stage proposal arrives for the Camagüey´s family thanks to the constant creative work of the Guiñol de Camagüey, collective that celebrates World Puppet Day, this March 21, with the premiere of Juglares en la comarca (Minstrels in the Shire).

At 10:00 a.m. today, at its headquarters in the Lugareño Street, attendees will discover the magic of the animation of figures when four minstrels unite to tell Fables and sing, according to the information provided by Dayris Hernández Guerra, Specialist Public Relations of the Provincial Council of the Performing Arts.

The artistic direction of Minstrels in the shire is in charge of Diosmani Fernández and Reymundo Agosto, and the General Direction of Osiel Veliz Ramírez.

The occasion will serve to give the Puppet Heart distinction to prominent makers of the animation of figures such as Diosmani Fernández and Silvia (Puchi) Avilés.

  • Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez