CAMAGÜEY.- The Book Fair broke the myths by its reach to several spaces. It has been a real feast, a gift to the spirit, affirmed in the closing Yunielkis Naranjo Guerra, director of the Provincial Center of the Book and Literature (CPLL).

At the closing ceremony, Naranjo Guerra gave a painting by Joel Jover to the Franco-Spanish journalist Ignacio Ramonet, who accompanied the Camagüey´s citizens during the whole reading festival and exchanged with various auditoriums, including his colleagues, in the context of the Day for the Cuban Press, which also takes place here.

The director of the CPLL emphasized the insertion of the bookshops of the territory, the intensity of the theoretical-literary program and the artistic program, the extension to the Center of Interpretation of the Patrimony and the Fairground, the rescue of the Daily Bulletin Alero, the alliances with agencies and the unity of the institutions of Culture.

Naranjo Guerra thanked the participants, especially the writers and guest publishers: Cubaliteraria, Fundación Nicolás Guillén, Aldala, Caminos, Selvi, the representations in the territory of the seals Union, CITMATEL, Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets, and the Camagüey´s Ácana and Editions El Lugareño.

He also related the increase of sales with the complicity of the reader audience, which nested among the most sought after titles Once upon a time, A hundred questions of the History of Cuba, the Golden Age, A thousand ideas, dictionaries and the map of the country, and directed its greatest demand to Coloring and cooking books.

“The fair is the most popular event of the Cuban Culture. The edition in the land of Ignacio Agramonte has been a success, thanks to the dedication, the passion, the good energy of authors, artists and public. It is open the call to find us in 2020, to continue to engender the wonder, “he concluded.

As a closing with a brooch of gold came the concert of Tony Avila and his group, who for an hour and a half, in the heart of Casino Campestre Park, shared their reflections and poetry in the best of languages for them: the music.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez