CAMAGÜEY.- It is without doubt the footwear of the articles with greater demand in the Fair of Crafts 500 +. Fortunately, also in this edition the offer emulates those requirements with the proposals of almost a dozen artisans.

From Havana insists on returning, for the sixth time, Mariela Rubio Martí leading Papillón, the brand that she and her husband created almost two decades ago. With more than twenty models she wanted to give back to the village and its people so much affection, on its 505 birthday: "From here we always go delighted; the attention given to us by the Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets is formidable. Everyone wants to come to Camagüey, " she says.

With options for both men and women, genuine leather shoes, as guaranteed by their advertising, have their followers in this city. "We have had very good income, people are looking for us every time they summon us, and that's why we brought all the models we market today," Mariela insisted on convincing her fidelity.

Another of the Havana’s artisans, Yonaiqui Urquijo Ferro, is here for the first time in this edition of 500 + in representation of Correa, another of the brands of footwear. In this booth stand the models for girls as Yonaiqui says "they sell very well; people thank us for this offer, they argue that in stores is difficult. " Ensures that they bring copies for "all tastes and ages. More modern and also conventional; we try to design according to what customers ask us. "

Both Mariela and Yonaiqui affirm that women are their target audience. "Women love to buy, women's shoes are the biggest outlet, and the Camagüey’s women have very good taste, so we rely on great sales," says the laughs Urquijo Ferro. They also coincide in the quality of the organization of the event: "We have participated in fairs in various provinces of the country and the Camagüey is the best," says Mariela with certainty. And we believe her.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez