CAMAGÜEY.- A look inside each human being is urged in the works of eight Camagüey’s creators of the Plastic Arts subsidiary of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), in the collective exhibition La realidad y la pertenencia, which is exhibited in this city whose historical center is the Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

With the curatorship of Jorge Santos Caballero, the gallery Julián Morales de la UNEAC of Camagüey puts at the disposal of the spectators canvases of prestigious artists of the plastic like Alejandrina Silveira Guerra, Joel González Pallerols, Jorge Martínez Figueredo, Nazario Salazar Martínez, Osvaldo Rodrigue Petit, Ricardo Bermúdez Rodríguez, Rodrick Dixon Gently and Saddy Blanco Rey.

Santos points out that the exhibition becomes an inner look of every human being, “the certainty of his existence, with the utmost that inspiration is based on a dreamlike display of convictions, challenges, and hopes.”

“Looking to oneself implies a responsibility, and at the same time, a permanent reflection with and with what surrounds it”, said Santos Caballero who added that only in this way we will be in direct contact with reality and with what is considered ours.

The exhibition La realidad y la pertenencia urges an observance of the lived history, the examination of the attendances of ideas, that for the specialist, “beyond the semblance of the perceived, one manages to achieve the attribute of coexist”.

Curator Jorge Santos Caballero points out that the exhibition project is “an exercise of intimacy, of confrontation with the daily becoming and with the permanent habit of pulsing it to think about the future”.