Image: Taken from cinecubanolapupilainsomne.wordpress.comImage: Taken from cinecubanolapupilainsomne.wordpress.comCAMAGÜEY.- Building an active audience with the ability to move through different media is the greatest yearning for the Project to promote the Audiovisual Culture "The Alley of Miracles", which now offers Camagüey's citizens and visitors the Space Gallery QR, in the New World Audiovisual Complex.

The initiative, which transcends the traditional concept of gallery, as the venue for artistic exhibitions, includes exhibition of printed books, electronic screens and QR billboard, which allows users, from scanning codes with their Mobile devices, free access to content organized consistently in an application (app) created by Smart Solutions Cuba.

This kind of virtual walk, which puts within reach of the community a digital repository, aims to generate the networked and transmedia thinking with the use of the app according to the QR Gallery, as commented on digital researcher and film critic Juan Antonio García Borrero, who understands as relevant the concept of digital humanities in this process of shaping learning paths that implies real computerization.

Once installed the app and introduced the name and other data for the creation of a profile, people will access to the films on the screen to put the New World Audiovisual Complex and the Multicine Casablanca, in addition to events whose place of accomplishment is the Cinema Theme Tour.

It also allows the visit to the portal of the project "The Alley of Miracles", as long as we are located in this area, where there is the infrastructure that makes the connection to a Wi-Fi network viable.

These same conditions require the updating of the data of the PPP, whose latest version adds a module of comments, essential to achieve one of the keys of the digital environment, the interactivity. "That way we would be achieving user communities with an interactive profile," Garcia Borrero added.

The first of the many exhibitions that from now on will have in its physical space the QR Gallery corresponds to the best films of the 21st century, according to a survey convened by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

The printed posters of these tapes have built-in codes that, when scanned, connect with books, soundtracks, trailers and scripts.

Mulholland Drive (United States, 2001), Desiring to Love (China-Japan, 2000) and Blood will run (United States, 2007) occupy the first three places of the list.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez