CAMAGÜEY.- A gigantic diagnosis of laughter will be felt in Camaguey starting today, with the presence of more than one score of clowns who will invade different spaces in the city.

 The appointment will begin with a theoretical meeting in the Video room of New World, which will include a conference Hospital Clown, in charge of the Bachelor in psychology Pediatric Eduardo Montoya Perez, who works as a clown, even in his own practice.

 Precisely, the clown entering the hospital pediatric Eduardo Agramonte pineapple, of this city, was what gave rise to the event this Thursday will break in several rooms of the Medical Center, to carry much more than a joy, as indicated by the motto of the Edition.

 From 2:00 in the afternoon, children in hospital will enjoy an invasion of clowns, which then will tour the city in a train, to approach other children and adults.

The theoretical sessions also include the copy or versioning Conference, and shows will continue on Saturday September 1st with a parade from Museum Provincial Ignacio Agramonte to the Plaza de la Solidaridad.

Ten representatives from other provinces and 13 clowns of Camaguey will be added to the diagnosis, including Remolacha, Cartucho, Salpicón, Chocolatiqui, Pacheco y Pachuquina, Lila, Topitón, , and the hosts Florecita y Cebollita, who will share with their guests Sunday worth cheering on the urban Casino Campestre Park.

With direction of Jesus Rueda Infante, the gala functionOnce upon a time, Florecita and Cebollita held there, for the 15 years of artistic life of the concerned Camagüey clowns, planned as a closing of the event itself Sunday, at 5:00 p.m., at the Avellaneda theatre of This city.

 Diagnosis of laughter comes to its Second Edition with the purpose of learning and help children hospitalized - especially to those with little access to recreation for the complexities of their disease - not only to conquer the laughter for a while, but to strengthen their health to p rtir exercises and achieve shares that increase their self-esteem.