CAMAGUEY.- Important cultural events are celebrated in this city, and now it stands out as the sub-venue of the Spanish Film Festival, expected to finish next July 8th.

The allures of the festival start with the titles, deepen in the genres and strengthen with the actors and filmmakers, within reach of a look in the Casablanca multiplex.

Veronica, Handia and Perfect Strangers (2017) features among the films, this last one directed by Alex de la Iglesia, film that inaugurated the festival this Tuesday.

Perfect Strangers recreates a dinner among four couples, old acquaintances that play to put on the table their biggest secrets, reading out loud their text messages and picking up the phone in front of the others during dinner.

This movie premiere is an irreplaceable gift to the city, region with a great Spanish heritage in the fields of culture, reason why this event had the presence Jaime de los Santos, cultural attaché of the Spanish Embassy, and other personalities.

The movie Veronica, based on a true story that took place in a Madrid neighborhood named Vallecas in the 90’s, when a teenager is besieged after playing with an Ouija board along with her friends.

Handi tells the story of a young man that after returning for the war finds out that his little brother is the tallest man in the world and embark him on a long trip through Europe, convinced that people will pay to see him.

  • Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/Student