CAMAGUEY.- The 8th Event of Comic Art, main event of this type in the country, dedicated this time to the Quebec’s Comic Festival, will take place from July 4th to 7th in Camaguey.

Like in previous years, the event has the main objective to extol the value of the comic as an artistic production, and in this occasion will receive for the first time participants from Santiago de Cuba and Sancti Spiritus, for a total of 7 provinces attending.

Alfredo Fuentes Fernández, Organizing Committee President of this event, claimed that this event is a multi-genre and multimedia platform with unique characteristics, which has an objective to enable a more complex cultural scene of the island and place Camaguey in the world map of this movement.

The innovation of this 8th Event is the experimental merging of comic, graphic design and music, symbiosis that will be displayed to the local and foreign audience on Friday 6th , at the Comic in Progress: The Prota Code Concert.

The event will have a simple format through didactic activities, workshops and cultural presentations, exercises that will take place in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, respectively, with the involvement of professional comic artists, scholars and other specialists on this subject. 

Other activities that are also part of this events are the traditional comic contest and the display of audio-visual materials in New World, Casablanca and the Melies room, part of The Circuit, headquarters of the Center for the development and investigation of new media.

The Comic Art Events emerged in 2010 with the purpose of spreading and approximating the comic to the Cuban audience as a result of an artistic production, as well as placing it in the spotlight of a more specialized contemporary viewer.

  • Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/ student