CAMAGUEY.- The summer season arrives and there are several options to enjoy it completely. The Provincial Cinema Direction has different proposals for the seventh art lovers to enjoy.

They want to offer a programming that would be attractive to all kinds of audiences with the projection of several film seasons: contemporary, children´s, erotic and adventures, in order to attract every day as much audience as possible.

The project The Miracles Alley keeps on with the cyber-get-together, a program followed by the audiovisual technology’s world fans. It will be released some seasons called Los nuevos mapas del cine cubano, where there will be talks and lectures, and national films will be projected at the end.

The Payadiso Cinema will take place every Saturday for the little ones, where clowns will interact with the children in an intelligent way to promote the new technologies usage and a children’s film will be projected at the end.

Every Friday, from 4:00pm on, music and cinema will be accompanied by the troubadour Harold Diaz, who will finish with the exhibition of tapes related to the musical gender.

The Casablanca Multicinema will be opened from July 3rd to July 8th to project a Spanish film seasons, which the Iberian cinema lovers can enjoy from 8:00pm on.

From July 11th to 12th, the Casablanca Cinema will project the Cuban film Sergio y Serguei. In addition, there are other summer proposals such as: Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, El Castillo Ambulante and the Cuban Melazay Mata, among others.