CAMAGUEY.- The most popular celebration of the year is here, just in time to cool down the intense heat of the early summer. The San Juan 2018 knocks at the door of people in Camaguey with a sweet taste of local traditions.

The extensive program begins this Saturday 23rd with the reading of the Bando at 12:00 pm, and it will finish Friday 29th. The massive parade will cover the Avellaneda, Martí, Independence streets and the Liberty Avenue the days 25th , 27th , 28 th starting at 7:00 pm. The caravan of 5 congas, 6 floats and 2 comparsas will transmit the Caribbean scent that is characteristic of the most traditional celebration in Camaguey.

More than 20 celebration areas will deck the city arteries. Places like Bartolo’s platanal, Saint Anne Square and Industry Street are among the best choices.

Famous groups like Adalberto Álvarez and his Son, Pachito Alonso and his Kini Kini and the Karachi, will join musicians from Camaguey to delight thousands of attendees with good popular music.

The Children’s Parade will begin Sunday 24th at 8:00 am, from Liberty Avenue to La Caridad Square. Meanwhile the ajíaco camagueyano, as usual, will be cooked in different streets of the city.

The president of the People’s Power Municipal Assembly, Lissete Bouza Cabrera, expressed: “the arrangements need to be made from the heart because we have limited time and this a celebration of Camaguey and for Camaguey”


Cándido González District

  • Saint Paul Street

  • Industry Street

  • Saint Joseph Street

  • The INRA trail

  • Saint Anne Square

  • Bartolo’s Platanal

Joaquín de Agüero District

  • Capdevila Street

  • Lenin neighborhood square

  • Albaisa neighborhood square

  • Port-au-Prince 5th Street

Julio Antonio Mella District

  • Javier de la Vega Avenue

  • Julio A. Mella neighborhood

  • The Charity Square

  • Paseo stand

  • La Yaba Plaza

  • The Coquitos

  • Agricultural fair

Ignacio Agramonte District

  • Modelo neighborhood, 8th Street

  • The Mamey. Agramonte, 2nd Street

  • Sánchez Soto neighborhood

  • CRC Previsora

  • Planta Mecánica neighborhood

Characteristic Places:

  • Trova House: Trova and Son Corner

  • Solidarity Square: Theater of the people

  • Rancho Luna court: Humor corner

  • Padre Valencia Street: Cabaret with diverse shows

  • The Potro: cabaret with diverse shows

  • Correa Alley: cabaret with diverse shows

  • Solitude Alley: cabaret with diverse shows

  • Fotograma: cabaret with diverse shows

  • Saint Anne Square: Rural corner

  • Havana Square: Bartolo’s Platanal, the Órgano oriental

  • The Railway: cabaret with diverse shows

Translated by Aileen Álvarez García