CAMAGUEY. - Orishas, considered the most representative group of Cuban Hip Hop, will be performing in this city next Friday, as part of the first tour across three provinces, following their return to the Cuban musical scene after almost 10 years of absence.

Revolution Square “Major General Ignacio Agramonte” is the place where the will perform tracks of Gourmet, their last album, released last May. With this work, they pretend to recollect better musical ingredients from each country, according to statement made to the press.

Likewise, they will perform songs of their previous albums to their audience, those that gained them the title of one of the greatest exponents of Latin music internationally by the end of the 90’s and the beginning of the 21st century.

Manuel Damián Martínez, specialist in commerce of Artex’ Agency Clave Cubana, in charge of shows, said that they will star playing in Santiago de Cuba this Wednesday, then they will perform in Camaguey and the final stop of their tour will be Cienfuegos, this Sunday.

The technological part of the concert will be in PMM’s hands and endorsed by the Havana Club firm, mentioned the specialist, who also said will also celebrate Clave Cubana 20th Anniversary, although Orishas belong to Musicalia Agency.

After hundreds of shows all over the world at full capacity, two Grammy Awards, eight nominations and seven albums that made them the best rap group in the history of Cuba, they now return to their roots, but more evolved and more revolutionary than ever, said Ruzzo, one of its members.

Although they parted ways in 2009 to focus on their solo carriers, trying different music styles, they always kept alive the longing of what Orishas was, according to Yotuel Romero’s EFE interview, the main responsible of this anticipated reunion.

This news was received with open arms following the welcome of Cuba is Bella in 2016, which Roldán Gonzalez, the son voice, expressed that it is the result of their experiences and accumulated musical expertise through the years they were apart.

People in Camaguey have high expectations on the eve of this presentation, their songs that shape several generation, fans of this urban genre.

Translated by Aileen Álvarez García/ student