CAMAGÜEY.- The Union of Communist Youth (UJC) in this province gave recognition to the orchestra Maravilla de Florida, during the concert last night at Freedom Square, with which the new generation of Camagüey´s citizens received 56 anniversaries of the UJC and 57 of the José Martí Pioneers Organization.

The reception is due to the seven decades of fruitful artistic work of the collective which directs Norberto Puentes, who expressed his pride in the presentation, the eve of the April 4, because it is remarkable the novel contribution of the sector to the development of the country.

After midnight, members of the Provincial Committee of the UJC, led by its first Secretary, Yoandry Ruiz Villalón, visited a number of continuous production centers that highlight the new generations, as the factory the Vaquita, the brewery Tínima and hospital institutions.

Also, in several towns the highest representatives of the organization exchanged with the boys in the sugar harvest.

With the concert offered by the Maravilla de Florida, along with other artists from the patio and belonging to the Hermanos Saiz Association, concludes the tour of the neighborhoods that have been made since January Norberto Puentes and his emblematic group, and announced that henceforth they will act in other provinces and towns of Camaguey.

Under the record label EGREM, in the coming months recorded a new phonogram, announced by the director of the orchestra, founded in 1948, which amounts to more than 20 musical productions and has offered his talent to national and international scenarios.

In parallel with the presentation of this Tuesday, the young singer, composer and director Juan Guillermo Almeida, known as JG, delighted to the inhabitants of the town of Esmeralda, and other proposals took place in the geography of the Camagüey to wait the April 4, with various initiatives is celebrated today in collective workers and student.

In the evening this Wednesday a gala at the Avellaneda theater of the City of Tinajones, will take place as part of the celebrations for the anniversary of the UJC and the José Martí Pioneers Organization.