CAMAGÜEY.- A child who says to all “I go to the fair of the book”, the young woman in search of the text that her small niece has asked her, and the pupils of the Primary School Rolando Espinosa López, of this city, they are some of the personages who prowled about the surroundings of the Casino Campestre.

Although they do not come from the stories that they wish to buy, they appear among the protagonists of the holiday of the letters in Camagüey. The tiniest - only if he is measuredfrom  feet to head - wants to buy Había una vez (Once upon a time), the "bigger one" of the classroom is interested in the history books, and to a third one, skinny and of black hair, he likes leafing through poetry pages and reading Martí.

In the most extensive urban park of Cuba, surrounded with infantile music and places in whichare sold some printed book of the literature adapted for them, the pupils of the teacher NidiaLabrada Machado talked filled with enthusiasm with Adelante Digital.

Nidia is a librarian in "Rolando Espinosa" School and, according to her, she decided to go over up to the Casino, accompanied by her boys of red shawl “so that they know other literatures, and this way they extend their knowledge of the history, improve the spelling and the writing”.

To the sale in several places - including that one of the Infantile Pavilion – there were the books Pasandopor un trillo (Walking through a path), Nueva ortografía para todos (New spelling for all), El gnomo de lasdelicias (The gnome of the delights), in addition to Acentúay aprende (Put an accent onand learn), lasttwo published by Ácana,the publishing house of this city.

Amongthe most demanded one is Acentúa y aprende …, whose first edition (in 2015) became exhausted in all the bookstores of the city. 20 lessons that include the theoretical explanation, the exercises and the answers, compose the text, of a high practical value.

A reprint of the looked volume Heart, in charge of Art and Literature, as well as two volumes of the School Basic Dictionary, also they can be acquired in the spaces destined for the literary fair of the dragonin Camagüey.

And to adapt the tastes to the current context, where the new information technologies and the communications are imposed, Editions Citmateloffers audio books (With ten brushes), discs in format DVD (Meeting of magicians and Mrs Iguana, that they contain chapters of the popular Cuban infantile program La sombrillaamarilla), and instructive courses like English for children.

“These and many other audiovisual materials highly demanded by all the types of publics, can be obtained also gaining access to the electronic direction ", said to this media Aldo Martínez Selleras, specialist of Citmatel.

Traditional books and technology, tastes and colors, infantile public and adults join these days in the ground of the tinajones, to grow and to develop the intellect, since as it says an ancient proverb: "The reading is to the mind what the exercise to the body”.

Tanslated by Linet Acuña Quilez