CAMAGUEY.- The Principal Theater in the city of Camaguey will host a performance by the prestigious Acosta Dance Company after ending presentations throughout the eastern province.

Under the direction of the 2011 National Dance Award laureate renowned dancer Carlos Acosta, the troupe will perform pieces of Spanish creators Maria Rovira and Jorge Crecis and others by Belgium Sidi Larbi and British Christopher Bruce.

The British piece called Rooster, whose choreography uses 8 songs by the Rolling Stones, established strategies of seduction on the stage and shows excellent development of the dancers in each step.

 The curtain will open to the piece Fauno by Sidi Larbi while the troupe will also dance to Mermaid; in addition to Twelve, by Crecis who won the Villanueva Award in 2017 in Cuba showing the physical distress of the interpreters in the combination of sports and math elements.

 The dancers will also perform to The Nijinski Leap, by Maria Rovira inspired by the Russian choreographer and ballet dancer.

 The group with contemporary and neoclassic techniques, pieces of several epochs, styles and expressions will continue their national tour, which will also take them to Cienfuegos, Pinar del Rio and end in Havana.

 Acosta Dance made their debut in April of 2016 and up until today has received positive opinions from specialized critics in the national and international scenes where the public remains anxious to see the leader of the troupe.