CAMAGÜEY.- Special connotation acquires to Cuban culture, the death today of the general and artistic director of the emblematic puppet theater of Camagüey, Mario Guerrero Zabala, to 70 years of age.

Leave a legacy transcendent in the world of performing arts, for which development shows with innovative techniques that focus on the duality actor-doll, in addition to experience other variants attractive that have provided the Company of Camagüey, a very particular style, in which the scenery makes function of decorated and is a living part of the function.

In its more than five and a half decades of hard work, Guerrero Zabala received multiple awards, and the past year was spent the week of culture by the foundation of this city to the Puppet Theater and his talented director, who closed his eyes this on February 15, the date that, coincidentally, marks the 56 anniversary of his beloved company.

Until noon today his remains are exposed at the funeral home of charity, and a family decision, will be cremated. Later, his ashes will be at the headquarters of the Guignolde Camagüey locals on the street corner to San Clemente, in the city of Camagüey.

I came to your family, friends and co-workers, the condolences of the Camagüey´s radio broadcasters.