CAMAGÜEY.- With the elegance and distinctive pattern of the musical Soneros of Camacho, was fired at yesterday evening's Culture Week in Camagüey, which hosted the celebrations for the anniversary of this millennial environment code, from 1st to February 7.

Guests as the soloist Liudmila Pardillo and the bolero Yunior Fournier, shared the protagonism of the whole Soneros of Camacho, with 81 years of founded- in a show of the most representative of the Camagüey´s musicality and popular tradition, at the Casa de la Trova Patricio Ballagas.

Also participated in the day the clowns Cebollita and Florecita, this 4 February celebrated their 15 years of artistic life, who are among the personalities of the Camagüey´s culture which earned the Distinction 504 for the 150th anniversary of the village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe.

According to Yuri River, artistic director and presenter of the Provincial Center of the music, each new delivery of Culture Week exceeds the expectations of the public, and the local artistic potential continues to grow in order to maintain their preference between the agramontinos