CAMAGUEY, CUBA.- Music, dance and games characterized the cultural event carried out by autistic children on Tuesday in the Ignacio  Agramonte Cultural House in Camaguey, among other activities on the anniversary of the former Villa de Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe.

Students from the Heroes del Moncada Special School sang and performed a small musical choreography led by art instructors of the same educational center to awaken smiles of the dozens of students from the primary school
they visited.

One of the educators that work to seed artistic aptitudes in children, Elizabeth Polanos told ACN that the work demands a lot of patience, love and dedication to achieve creating and obtaining positive results in the long run.

Due to the complex personality of the children, it is significant that the encounter was held outside the school where cultural activities are normal, organized with the Culture House, she said.

Regarding other proposals that influence in the learning process of autistic students, the teacher commented on the Mi Musica y Yo (My music and me) project encourages the professors of special education together with the Municipal Culture Center of the territory.

The morning children’s activity entitled Manana de Principes (Morning of Princes) animated by renowned clowns Florecita and Cebollita who were included among the cultural figures of Camaguey were granted the 504th Distinction for the anniversary of the Villa de Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe.