CAMAGÜEY. - With this title the invitation will never be able to be fulfilled exactly: Without comments. This way Eduardo Rosales Ruiz named the sample with which he returns in October to the gallery of the newspaper Adelante, this time to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the space with another uncomfortable set, according to the perspective with which one sees.

In paintings and facilities, it overturns his sense of the cultural identity, the topic in which, untiringly, he has been working in the last years, and that clearly has turned into one of his of his most torn obsessions.

Now, he plans the speech from the condescension of the royal palm, and also with the hierarchy of the affections and the convictions represented by symbols of the national being like the Flag of Solitary Star and, like the cassava significant of the rooting to the Home area of Camagüey and of the respect to the ancestors, to an original thing.

The historian and critic of art Yoelxy Pilliner López, in the words to the catalog there highlights the depth reached by Rosales in the merger of his lines of investigation of the legacies Amerindian - especially, the taíno - Spanish and African, and of the creative result for the mastery of the acrylic one over linen, and of other supports for the spatial works.

Without comments questions the attitudes and aptitudes of those who put in judgment cloth the pride for being a Cuban and the will to be one in the middle of the ups and downs of the current Cuba, those that they speak very much but they do too many little.

To make problems and to ask continues being the verbs for our debate, and both are there, in the trunks and the fibers of the palms that Rosales takes and returns like memory, like responsible reading for the time and the things.

José Martí already said it: "the life is double, is mistaken who studies it simply”. Without comments works as eloquent door for this conscience examination, in the month of the Day of the Cuban identity, where there runs the risk of getting lost and not of being in this meanings web that the culture proves.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez