CAMAGÜEY.- María Herminia Martínez de la Torre, commonly known as Minita, received in this city the Distinction for the National Culture, for her praiseworthy work as teacher and coordinating of the Center of Promotion Fernando Alonso of the Ballet of Camagüey.

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture and of the National Trade Union of Workpeople of the Culture did the delivery in the tense days for Cuba, due to the inclement advance of the hurricane Irma.

Generations of artists and of Camagüey´s citizens owe Minita a lot. Those that when children played, learned and begun being forged to the rhythm of the dance and with the sweet voice of the niece of Vicentina de la Torre, the founder of the Ballet of Camagüey.

Precisely in 2017, this company celebrates its 50 anniversary and its Center of Promotion Fernando Alonso arrives at the age of 27, motive for which the affectionate coordinator said to Adelante Digital: "We think to duplicate everything according to the culture of the province”.

“The artistic education has offered so much fruit to our country. The children have been a quarry for the art schools, with 4 years they have paraded on May 1st, have done the activities inside the company. The international tourism has remained fascinated with this work which gives the children this type of workshops for free and they could develop”, she added.

Martínez de la Torre also has stood out as trade union leader, and for her accomplishments it is supported like member of the Provincial and National committees of the Trade union of the Culture.

“The group of the Ballet of Camagüey, which is celebrating its anniversary 50, is proud of having in its lines, workpeople of the size of Minita, and feels his this distinction”, emphasizes a note sent to this newspaper.

In Cuba, it says the popular phrase “the culture does not have fixed moment”, because it belongs to all and with all, but there is an enormous group who dedicates their biggest efforts every year to guarantee, to promote and to stimulate their practices, and who as Maria Herminia deserve the Distinction for the National culture.

Translated by Linet Acuña Quilez