PANAMÁ.- (PL) Cuban children''s theater company La Colmenita got another success in its long list by meeting Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela, who already enjoyed the performances of this Cuban prestigious cultural troupe.

Visibly moved, President Varela recognized the talent, art and dedication of the Cuban children that make up La Colmenita, a group that is now considered as Ambassador of Good Will by the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).

La Colmenita performed two daily shows for a week, at the Anita Villalaz Theatre. They are winding up their tour Friday in the central province of Cocle before returning to Cuba on August 28.

The Panamanian President came accompanied by a group of girls from the Home of the Divine Compassion and also exchanged with pupils of the school called 'Republic of Italy' located in the district of San Miguelito, who were guests to the show.

In the middle of the enthusiasm, President Varela felt like dancing to the music and so he did, together with the children, and also left an open invitation for a new performance of the company in Panama after repair works are completed at the Panamanian National Theater.

Varela had thankful words for the creator of the ingenious cultural group, Carlos Alberto Cremata, whom he familiarly called by his nickname 'Tin', and in a spontaneous expression he said: 'You have taken the stress out of me today.'

As part of the interaction with the audience, who participated in the show, the children asked the President to repeat a string, to which he willingly agreed, as well as patching the contagious music with his own handclaps.

Varela had enjoyed in Cuba the presentations of La Colmenita, and even in the presentation video of the shows the Panamanian President appears among the personalities watching the presentations.