CAMAGÜEY.- The grace and healthy humor of the clowns will fulfill the city of Camagüey in the week of August 21 to 27, with the celebration of the First Encounter of clowns "Diagnosis of laughter", with the participation of invited several Cuban provinces.

Sponsored by the Provincial Council of the Arts (CPAE, Spanish acronym), the event pays tribute to artists such as the National Prize of Television Nilda Collado, the recognized Erdwin Fernández Sánchez, who live on the Radio and Television The Clown Trompoloco; and Rafael Hernández Manduley, creator of the popular character "Canilla", belonging to the National Circus of Cuba.

The event includes the dialog and reflection on the humor and the link of those artists with the Cuba´s present, from a theoretical section scheduled for the afternoon of the day 26 in the Video Room New World, according to Dayris Hernández, spokesperson of the CPAE.

Two days earlier, 24, in the Pediatric Hospital Eduardo Agramonte Piña, guests at the event will perform "Diagnosis of laughter", sensitive clown show, dressed in robes of doctors, who have the mission to make smile at the hospitalized children.

As part of the program, shall be submitted the Karisea humorous company from Havana on the 25, and on Saturday 26 Héctor Méndez, who gives life to the popular clown Reguilete, the television program Peque Soy (I am small).

From next August 21 to 27, the event invites the Camagüey´s public, both children and adults, to get distracted and laugh with the art of those characters known by all for his extravagant garments, excessive makeup and wigs.

On its last day, the meeting "Diagnosis of laughter" proposes a humorous show with the participation of the Camagüey´s clowns "Cebollita and Florecita", " Chocolatiqui", " Payasin and the Magician Adriana", "Pachuco and Pachuquina" and "Cartucho and Salpicón".