CAMAGÜEY.- (ACN) Personal objects that belonged to Cuba’s National Poet Nicolas Guillen were donated on Thursday to the Ignacio Agramonte Provincial Museum in Camaguey where they will be better conserved for the enjoyment of future generations.

Among the objects that stand out are autobiographies by renowned figures for the author of “Motivos de Son”.

During the handing over activity which coincided with the 25th anniversary of the museum, specialist Iraida Melendez praised the state of the objects and documents which, despite not having had the adequate conditions for its protection, they were treasured during over two decades.

Some of the autographs for Guillen were written by Roberto Fernandez Retamar and Eduardo Heras Leon, almost a dozen Latin American poets and other distinguished personalities from France, Italy, Angola and Vietnam.

The autographed books as well as other personal articles like a typewriter, flight tickets to several countries, a beret that he used in Spain during the civil war and a piece of furniture found in his home is currently at the Studies Center.

That space was officially declared a National Monument on December 14th,2016 and his heritage was exhibited in that city.

Meanwhile, the Nicolas Guillen Studies Center is a prestigious institution that organized and assisted in research of the culture system in Camaguey.