SANTIAGO DE CUBA.- (ACN) Cuba’s Culture Minister Abel Prieto said on Monday in Santiago de Cuba that the Caribbean Festival is a moment of love and dialog among the peoples after participating in the inaugural gala of the cultural event dedicated this year to Bonaire.

Prieto said that today there is a tendency to build walls and borders, revive hate and racism, but in this crazy world, where living together in a civilized manner among nations is in danger, an event like this, where there is a cultural dialog is a symbol that can really save the world.

Culture, he said, is one of the few alternatives left for humanity to save us from this barbarism, and this festival has been and will continue to be a source of strength in face of delirium, arrogance, desire to divide and hate.

This is not an event to construct a pseudo folkloric imagine of our identity, it’s an event felt by the people from Santiago and others from across the island and it serves as a scenario to strengthen cultural tourism, said Prieto.

He added that the Caribbean Festival continues to be a space to meet and relate with the Caribbean and praised the constancy of the artists and intellectuals from Santiago of 37 years of festivals welcoming brothers and sisters from different latitudes.

The Cuban Culture Minister highlighted the great response of the current festival among the people from Bonaire whose delegation is made up of 200 people that have expressed extraordinary enthusiasm.