• The life on the cross (+Photos)

    The cross is often associated as a religious symbol and with the pain of a selfless man who died crucified to save all human kind from their sins...

  • Recognition in Camagüey to a great artist

    Camagüey.- Personalities and institutions of the culture in Camagüey, acknowledged, in this city, the work of the outstanding visual artist Ileana Sánchez Hing, owing to the celebrations for her four decades of incessant work.

  • “8+1“ in Camagüey: visuality walks in group

    Camagüey.- The collective project "8+1", led by young Leonardo Pablo Rodríguez, offers a peculiar accent to the XXIXth Lounge of Visual Arts Fidelio Ponce of León, for its lesson of work in group and the confluence of the most outstanding ways of doing in this moment in the city.

  • Fidelio Ponce lives in the popular imagination

    Camagüey.- The permanence of Fidelio Ponce of León in the popular imagination, across the advertizing wall only one that survives of his works ones in San Juan de los Yeras, people of Villa Clara, opened the theoretical event of the lounge of the famous Cuban painter.

  • Ceramics collection in Camagüey, unique of Latin America

    Camagüey.- The International Room of the Art Ceramics, opened recently in this city, shows part of the only collection in Latin America representative of multiple forms of the work of the clay in about 36 nations.

  • Today concert of Polito Ibañez in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- This Friday, August 28th, at 9:00 pm, the popular singer-songwriter Polito Ibañez will give his music to the Camagüeyans in a concert that will take place in the emblematic Carmen square, located in the historical center of the metropolis.

  • Nenisley will not lose the books of Lugareño

    Minas, Camagüey.- In this age of the computerization, with modern devices and the Internet, one is afraid that the books are forgotten and become one day obsolete objects as the discs of acetate or the cassette players. That's why it is so good when we find over some literary oasis.

  • A Circuito to refresh in this summer

    Camagüey.- When passing by the ancient Encanto cinema, today headquarters of the  International Festival of Video Art of Camagüey (FIVAC), people stop to see through its windows. Since, there are beautiful furniture, some  flat screens and air conditioning system inside, nobody dares to cross the doors because they fear that they have to pay in CUC to enter.

  • A festival to re-make our movies

    Camagüey.- When one speaks about Cuban movies, a button activates iconic flashes in our mind: the constrictive hug of Diego and David in Fresa y Chocolate, the facial scream of clandestine Isabel Santos before her dead love or the sharp look of Corrieri looking down over Havana with his telescope.

  • Mud and fire in Camagüeyan streets

    Camagüey.- The central and popular Trabajadores Square will be a head office for the next five days of the festival Mud and Fire in its VIth edition.