• Jimaguayú: another page of the Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The fundamental law that governs the life of the state is the Constitution conceived like the supreme law, the first law.

  • Raising the participation and the exchange with the delegates

    Interview with the vice-president of the National Assembly of the People's Power

    Camagüey.- The country is immersed in the arrangements for the meetings of account capitulation of the delegates of the constituencies with the electorate, programmed for November and December, process for which the National Assembly of People's Power hopes that there should rise the participation of the neighbors and their exchange with the representatives in the community.

  • The Camagüeyan science

    Camagüey.- “This province is in a good moment, especially in the work that is realized for the environmental dimension”, said the Dr. Andrea Armas Rodríguez, delegate of the Ministry of the Science, Technology and Environment in the territory.

  • Postal Average Technician: new study option

    Camagüey.- The Postal Average Technician is one of the new options of studies continuity for the students graduated from tenth grade that opened for the first time this academic year in eight provinces of the country, among them Camagüey.

  • Repair one of the most ancient agronomy schools of Cuba

    Camagüey.- The Polytechnical School of Agronomy (IPA), Álvaro Barba Machado, of this city, considered to be one of the most ancient among those of its type in Cuba, received a cardinal repair for over 800 000 pesos, destined for the recovery of its facilities.

  • Panama sugar plant works for the protection for the environment

    Vertientes, Camagüey.- The respect and observance of the international norms and of national character for the protection of the environment, are part of the premises in which there is sustained the investment that is executed in Panama sugar plant, of this territory.

  • Culture between consumption and deserts

    Camagüey.- The cultural consumption prevails among the discussion topics in Cuba. It worries academicians, artists and politicians the indoor entertainment, because the house has turned into the principal space of distension of the majority. Watching TV, video or DVD figure as the most seductive of the proposals, a behavior for multiple suspicions.

  • Multiply attentions in senior citizen centers of the Community in Santa Cruz

    Santa Cruz del Sur, Camagüey.- The Cuban elders have the respect and the attentions guaranteed in each of the institutions of the Public Health. That's why, 35 patriarchs of the third age are welcomed in the senior citizen centers of the community Jagua Tres, to 25 kilometers of Santa Cruz del Sur.

  • Ceramics collection in Camagüey, unique of Latin America

    Camagüey.- The International Room of the Art Ceramics, opened recently in this city, shows part of the only collection in Latin America representative of multiple forms of the work of the clay in about 36 nations.

  • Cuba never closed the doors to the religious faith

    Camagüey.- As a child I received the influence of the Catholicism. I was baptized in the church San Jose, in the populous district of La Vigía, in Camagüey, and for reasons of the life, of familiar nature, I met Esperanza, a lady resident in Santa Rosa street, which had the gift, with her attributes of the spiritualism, of reading the destiny of the persons.

  • How much does our culture cost?

    Camagüey.- Not long ago I read a comment by the outstanding intellectual Miguel Barnet and he was evoking José Lezama Lima, this another giant of the letters in Cuba. The culture was the topic of the president of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, and where he was assuming the definition offered by the author of Paradiso in the initial pages of the magazine Orígenes: the culture, this vital oxygen.

  • Alertness and struggle against the Aedes aegypti

    Camagüey.- Authorities of the Public Health of this province strengthen actions for reverting the high infestation index of the mosquito Aedes aegypti in the territory, particularly in the head municipality and in Minas and Sibanicú.

  • Taking care of the environment, priority for the workpeople of the Thermoelectric

    Nuevitas, Camagüey.- With the target of preserving the environment, the Thermoelectric "Diez de Octubre" -in this coastal city- works at an ambitious project to neutralize all the waters rejected by the plant, which must be working completely in 2017.

  • Camagüey Folk Ballet prepares celebration for 25 years

    Camagüey.- From the next weekend, when will be celebrated the 24th anniversary of its foundation, the Folk Ballet of Camagüey (BFC) will kick off the activities for the celebrations of its first quarter of century, which will include national and international tours, and premieres.

  • Innovations generate economic efficiency in Transcontenedores company

    Camagüey.- The news was for me a surprise. On having penetrated into it, I understood the reason used by the engineer Nelson Vega Basulto, director of the Base Business Unit, in charge of the operation of the containers in Camagüey that “the trucks work thanks to the innovators, the chauffeurs and the mechanics”.

  • Camagüeyan company for Latin-American Award of Quality

    Camagüey.- The Company of Fuels Camagüey, of the Cuban National Oil Company (CUPET), is one of the institutions on a global scale postulated for the Latin-American Award to the Quality 2015, of the Latin-American Foundation for the Management of the Quality (FUNDIBEQ).

  • Camagüeyan Health professionals for the world

    Camagüey.- This province is provided with almost 3 525 workers of the Health who collaborate in about 50 nations. Of these, 471 respond to the infirmary personnel; 211 to that of Stomatology; 689 Bachelors of related professions to the sector; 1 758 doctors; 323 technical staff and the rest of service.

  • Camagüey for the constance of the young thought

    Camagüey.- The Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS), institution of the art avant-garde done by young people in Cuba, promotes the constant debate for the human improving, something expected from the meet foreseen between the writers and artists of the subsidiary of Camagüey, so hailed among its similar ones of the country.

  • Protection of the ozone layer from Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The protection of the ozone layer of the Earth has been an important challenge during the last 30 years, for the damages that the society causes to the nature, especially the environment, the economy and the sustainable development.

  • Set up Botanical Park in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Only a year ago we spoke to tackle the project and last Sunday, at 8:00 a.m., it opened its doors to the Camagüeyan people the Botanical Park, fruit of the effort of the authorities and institutions of the province.