• Kicked off Fair of the Book in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Yesterday kicked off in areas of the Rural Casino of this city the Camagüeyan chapter of the 24th edition of the Fair of the Book, which is dedicated to the India, to writers Olga Portuondo and Leonardo Acosta and the 25 years of the Publishing house Ácana.

  • University students think about the Summit of Panama

    Camagüey.- In the different social forums parallel to the VIIth Summit of the Americas Cuba has, for the first time, a leading participation. The changes that our society carries out, the socio-economic challenges of the region and the profits of the Latin-American integration are on the desk.

  • Camagüey can still fulfill the sugar harvest

    Camagüey.- Although with a considerable delay in the sugar production, the workpeople of the sector in this province still have possibilities of fulfilling the program of the harvest, if they make use of the programmed cane to harvest, supply the plants and the rains delay.

  • Healthiness

    Camagüey.- 25 years! This, according to studies realized by the chain of American television MTV to 28 000 persons of 17 countries, is the beginning of the Golden Age, extended up to the 34. For a person, this first quarter of century is loaded with vigor, and for the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), too. Next July this distinguished entity of the sciences in Camagüey will celebrate its 26th anniversary.

  • The Cuban civil society to the VIIth Summit

    Camagüey.- Next April 10th and 11th will take place in Panama the VIIth Summit of the Americas, at which Cuba will be present with a governmental delegation of high level and a wide representation of the Cuban civil society, which meets to the event invited also by the host country.

  • Extension of April

    Camagüey.- In this April of laughs and glee, the pioneers of yesterday, the boys of the juvenile patrols, the five rebellious peaks, the children, communist young people and from all the social today tendencies, also walk along Our America fitted into their shoulders “… like the silver in the roots of The Andes”.

  • Cuba will take to Panama experience of the university of the people

    Camagüey.- Cuba will take to the Rectors' Forum of the VIIth Summit of the Americas, in Panama, the experience of the universities of the people, where students are prepared without any cost.

  • Fair of the Book in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- For us, the Camagüeyans, April has always been for identity and geography, a month associated with the spring. And the best thing is multiplied this year with the 24th Fair of the Book that will take place in our city from April 8th to 12th, this time in the same context of the 25th anniversary of the Publishing house Ácana.

  • A good record?

    Camagüey.- The idea that Joycet Ramírez Ruano is admired by her teachers of the major of accounting and finance of the faculty of Economic and Juridical Sciences of the Camagüey University Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz was not wrong.

  • Young artists support Venezuela

    Camagüey.- Like part of the Camagüeyan people, that pushes back the Executive Order of Barack Obama, where he accuses Venezuela of being a threat for the safety of the United States, young people members of the artistic avant-garde of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) of this province stamped their signature to support this brother country.

  • The merit of the book of Cuban authors on climate change

    Camagüey.- The importance of the book: "Impactos del cambio climático y medidas de adaptación en Cuba” in opinion of the meteorologist Roger Rivero Vega, one of the three authors of this work, is that it constitutes the first volume published in paper that gathers, in a documented scientific way, the meaning of the phenomena for the country, the tendencies of the principal climatic variables, its evolution in the future and the aftereffect in different sectors of the economy.

  • Inclusive stamp of ParticiPando

    Camagüey.- Monday Tuesday and last Wednesday, squares, parks and other public spaces were taken by the Camagüeyan children, to show skills, of those that only they can show, including varied artistic expressions before who, native and foreign got involved in the First International Meet ParticiPando: Infancia y Ciudad, welcomed by the Camagüey University Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz.