• Another preventable accident in Ignacio's curve

    Camagüey.- The place known as Ignacio's curve, to nearly 20 kilometers of the city of Camagüey, was reaffirmed like one of the most dangerous stretches of the central highway in the province, after accident happened in the evening of this Sunday, October 4th.

  • The signal of Radio Cuba is 20 years

    Camagüey.- The company protagonist that all the signals of communication arrive at their destiny celebrated 20th years of created. Radio Cuba, the entity that have the mission of offering to the people a quality service on the subject of broadcasting and to advance towards the development, comes working in the improvement of the Digital Television in our province.

  • Camagüeyan schools are provided with Chinese laboratories

    Camagüey.- Close to the totality of the secondary basic ones and the preuniversity schools in this province, have the new modules installed for the labs of sciences, example of the support of the Cuban Government to the teaching-educational process.

  • Repairs of sugar plants for more efficiency

    Camagüey.- The repairs in the five sugar plants that will intervene in the next sugar harvest in this province seek to correct the problems faced in the previous grinding, to raise the efficiency in the campaign.

  • Indio Naborí: Cuban journalist

    Camagüey.- Jesus Orta Ruiz, El Indio Naborí, that big one of the letters in Cuba, although fundamentally is recognized like poet, also has in his history having been a professional of the journalism, who left traces that deceive the passing of time.

  • Fruitful return of Raúl Castro to USA

    Camagüey.- For most of the Cuban is was great to see returning Raúl Castro to the United States, after his first visit, 50 years ago, like young guerrilla, commander of the Rebellious Army who defeated the bloody dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, now like president of the councils of the State and of the Ministers of the Republic of Cuba.

  • The model of the city of Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The model of the city of Camagüey, after a process of restoration and transfer of place, will be again exposed to the public in the Center of Interpretation of the Patrimony, destined to spread the historical evolution of this metropolis.

  • Camagüey with proper representation in Pan-American Games of Diving

    Camagüey.- Camagüey will be the only province of Cuba with proper representation in the Pan-American Championship of Diving, that in the infantile and juvenile categories will be developed from October 5th and 12th in the city of Matanzas.

  • Camagüeyan students in day of election and homage

    Camagüey.- The Camagüeyan students felt huge. The concentration in their squares, the ballots, the ballot boxes or simply the raised hands were sufficient for the election of their pioneriles structures, express pretext for the celebration and the remembrance of the day, last September 29th.

  • Chuli Herrera exhibits Cuban hat in Biennial of China

    Camagüey.- A portrait of the young Cuban Asniel “Chuli“ Herrera integrates the exhibit of the 6th International Biennial of Art of Beijing, set up a few days ago in the Art Museum of China, with the topic of the dreams and the memory.

  • More gas clients in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- To over 46 000 ascended the gas clients for liberated sale in this city, after last February Cuba kicked off the expense of this product in 10 points of the Company of Fuels Camagüey, of the Cuban National Oil Company (CUPET).

  • Camagüeyan cooperative in agroecologic joint

    Camagüey.- After four years of execution, the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC) Primero de Enero tackles the sustainability of a project of agroecologic joint with financing of Cuba and foreign institutions.

  • Manolo Barrero: Gentleman and craftsman

    Camagüey.- Little less than four decades separate us from the virtual meet of two young artists full of illusions -Oscar (Rodríguez) Lasseria and the one who writes- with three props of the traditional Camagüeyan pottery: Miguel Báez Álvarez, Manuel Barrero Rivero and Ángel Pareta González.

  • The Botanical Park dreams a future

    Camagüey.- The Camagüeyan Botanical Park recently set up in this province, hopes to reach the Garden category in a future, for this reason specialists are working at the development of its 12 botanical areas.

  • Candies production in Camagüey thanks to innovations

    Camagüey.- Thanks to the innovative work of its workpeople, the Base Business Unit (UEB) ¨Confitera de Camagüey¨ supports monthly a 220 tons production, after over four decades in development of obsolete devices and machinery.

  • Highlights Camagüey for the rescue of educational institutions

    Camagüey.- “Camagüey is one of the most highlighted provinces in the country for the rescue of its educational facilities”, admitted last Saturday Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, Minister of Education in Cuba, during a trip realized through centers that benefit today with actions of repair and maintenance in the provincial capital.

  • “The painter of the city”, again in Adelante

    Camagüey.- Luis Manuel Torres Viamontes again exhibits his artistic work in the Gallery Nicolás Guillén, located in the lobby of the Adelante newspaper, in this city.

  • Wraped up in Camagüey International Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

    Camagüey.- After intense work days, between previous courses and debate in committees, the XXVIth Cuban Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology wraped up in the Principal theater of this city, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, with a conference of the Teacher Doctor Rodrigo José Álvarez Cambras, president of the organizing committee of the event.

  • The tree stones of Najasa

    Camagüey.- The Camagüey southeast hoards refreshing options of exclusive natural heritages as an endemic snail and one of the most fascinating natural oddness of the world: the Fossil Forest of Najasa. The place has caused several criteria about its origin and evolution.

  • Distinguished Camagüey in the urban agriculture

    Camagüey.- With the recognition of this municipality as the only one of the country in being evaluated as ¨Good¨, during all the trips of the National Urban and Suburban Agriculture Group (GNAUS), wraped up here the journey number 70 of this entity.