• Restored La Edad de Oro amusement park

    Guáimaro, Camagüey.- The amusement park La Edad de Oro in this municipality has been opened for 40 years since it was founded and it was repaired in the last months on the eves of the summer, now around 35 amusement devices are working.

  • The Sun and the biodiversity

    Camagüey.- Under the title “El sol y la biodiversidad” was celebrated last 23rd ion the Integrated Center of Water Technologies (CITA), an event related to the Sun in the frame of the activities for the World Day of the Environment celebrated last June 5th.

  • Actions in Esmeralda for fruit sowings

    Esmeralda, Camagüey.- Bringing around the fruit sowings and increasing the productions of citrics in Esmeralda is the main objective the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) in this municipality.

  • Nuevitas Bay is refreshed

    Nuevitas, Camagüey.- Nuevitas Bay, one of the most important of the country due to its geography and economic movement, suffered for many year the contamination because of the results of an industrial development and fishery that endangered its integrity.

  • Camagüey needs to form teachers urgently

    Camagüey.- It is estimated that for the next school year, 2015-2016 will be a deficit of around 1 000 teachers, specifically in high schools and in polytechnical institutes, although pre-universities, primary schools and kindergartens are not exempted.

  • Pedagogical School Nicolás Guillén from Camagüey with good outcomes again

    Camagüey.- The second graduation of the Nicolás Guillén pedagogical school from Camagüey, to be celebrated next July 10th in San Juan de Dios square, will be the biggest in the country just like the previous years; since it will incorporate around 536 teachers in pre-school, primary and special educations.

  • Awards of a Festival

    Camagüey.- “Por los senderos de Pueblo Viejo", a tv show created by Luis Vega Ramírez from Nuevavisión, that reflects the history of Nuevitas with creativity, obtained the Grand Prize in the Xth edition of the Provincial Television Festival of Camagüey, dedicated to the 30TH anniversary of the telecenter.

  • Anniversary of the Center of Cardiovascular Attention

    Camagüey.- A meeting with the history was the starting point of the activities for the 15th annivesary of the Center of Cardiovascular Attention of this province, that every year saves and improves the quality of life of many patients.

  • Foreign accredited press in Cuba visited the University of Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Journalists, photographersand cameramen of the foreign accredited press in Cuba, visited last Friday the University of Camagüey “Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz”, institution of great interest in the world for its theoretical, scientific and practical impact in the local, national and international fields.

  • Developed orthopaedics congress in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The feet minimal invasive surgery is one of the novelties of the XXXVIth Cuban Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatolgy, that developed in the University of Medical Sciences of this city its provincial meeting, prior to the national one, to be celebrated next September 21 to 26.

  • Positive work in blood donations

    Camagüey.- More than 12 500 blood donations were made between January and May in this province, processed in the Provincial Blood Bank, for its use in the industry and medical services and with a fulfillment of the program of the territory during 30 months in a row.

  • Camagüeyan ceramic filter, national award of innovation

    Camagüey.- The ceramic filter developed by the Integrated Center of Water Technology, locate din this city, just received the national award of innovation, created by the Union of Cuban Architects and Engineers.

  • Camagüeyan television in its 30 years

    Camagüey.- Full of experiences was the agenda of the meet among the professionals of the telecenter of this city last wednesday night as part of the program to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

  • The economic thought brakes canons

    Camagüey.- The plan, market and science play a key role in the structural transformation of the economy, ensured here the Doctor of Sciences Ernesto Molina Molina, president of the Society of Economic Thought of the National Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants (ANEC).

  • Covered in Camaguey all positions to study medicine

    Camagüey.- The more than 800 positions granted by the Ministry of Higher Education in this province for studying medice were covered after the results of the first round of examinations for entering this education.

  • Camagüey with 37 athletes to Toronto

    Camagüey.- The Camagüeyan athletes of the Cuban delegation tothe XVII PanAmerican Games in Toronto, Canada, will compete in 14 of the 36 categories next July.

  • Farewell to the thin cows?

    Camagüey.- The experimented cattle farmers of this region used to say that a thin cow would never be in heat and that 88 % of the nutrition of a cow corresponds to the water, that must drink more than 110 litters per day and more if it is being milked. With these elements the cattle farmers retake old habits.

  • Camagüeyan television in festival

    Camagüey.- More than 80 works grouped in two big catefories, recreation and trasmission of reality, compete in the Xth edition of the Provincial Festival of Television, which is developed in this city from June 17th to 19th.

  • Camagüeyan sugar with less fuel

    Camagüey.- In the next days this province could exceed its plan of 54 000 tons of processed sugar due to the efficency of the refinery Ignacio Agramonte, whose workers overfulfill 19 percent of the white sugar and they also process the sugar from the plant “Carlos Manuel de Céspedes”.

  • Camagüeyan bank workers also innovate

    Camagüey.- The bank workers actions are not just with financial operations, but also the innovation to solve problems through the saving.