• Efficient nephrology service in Nuevitas hospital

    Nuevitas, Camagüey.- The Nephrology service of the General Hospital Martín Chang Puga, of this municipality, attends every day about 60 patients, from this locality and from the municipalities of Sierra de Cubitas, Guáimaro and Minas.

  • Santa Cruz to graduate technical staff and qualified workers

    Santa Cruz del Sur, Camagüey.- The Agricultural Polytechnical School José Fonseca Bolívar placed in the popular council of Cándido González, it is called to turn into the most important educational center of all the geography of Santa Cruz, since among its specialties it will have Agronomy and Agricultural studies.

  • A Circuito to refresh in this summer

    Camagüey.- When passing by the ancient Encanto cinema, today headquarters of the  International Festival of Video Art of Camagüey (FIVAC), people stop to see through its windows. Since, there are beautiful furniture, some  flat screens and air conditioning system inside, nobody dares to cross the doors because they fear that they have to pay in CUC to enter.

  • Galvache award to Camagüeyan geologist

    Camagüey.- Ray Ravelo Lescaide, geologist engineer specialist of the Company Geominera de Camagüey, obtained the National Award Antonio Galvache, maximum distinction delivered in our country by the Cuban Society of Geology to the outcomes of the most excellent research works in the world of the geomining.

  • Minas, a lot of work prior celebration of July 26th

    Minas, Camagüey.- This municipality is a “human bubbling”, which population is focused in boosting works of social content, just before the 62nd anniversary of the Assaults to the Garrisons Moncada, of Santiago de Cuba, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, of Bayamo.

  • Camagüey without fulfilling this semester plan

    Camagüey.- The sugar cane agriculture in this province finished the first semester with 1054 hectares planted, 62 percent of the ground planed for this season.

  • Camagüey proposes new options for the summer

    Camagüey.- The reopening of the emblematic recreational center Arroyón, of the provincial capital, the incorporation of the walks in rapid longboats in El Lago de los Sueños, and the 7 newly camping sites, are some of the principal options that the Camagüeyans enjoy this of July 5th in the opening of the summer season.

  • High summer season in Santa Lucia Hotels

    Nuevitas, Camagüey.- Since last June the national tourism in Santa Lucia resort, in the northern part of this city, have increased, said Julio Enrique del Toro Orozco, delegate of Cubanacán company in Camagüey.

  • Artistic group tours the quarters

    Esmeralda, Camagüey.- The artistic group of the Project Alegrías de Verano, livened up children and settlers of the quarter Chambas  located in the municipality of Esmeralda like part of its programs in this summer 2015.

  • School games: the first Olympiad

    Camagüey.- To return to the fourth position of the student games and to preserve the fifth position among the juvenile ones, at first sight, could not turn out to be one of the commitments.

  • Rosemary Almanza... or the gold four years later

    Camagüey.- Four years ago Rosemary Almanza came to the Pan-American Games of Guadalajara like a stranger who very few were including in the prognoses. It was then when she highlighted in the final of 800 flat meters and in a disputed career she fell just short of the podium (finally she wraped up fourth) with remarkable time of 2:04.82.

  • Increase wood sawed in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The workpeople of the Integral Forest Company of Camagüey manage to saw over 770 cubic meters (m3) over the 1 640 obtained in equal period of 2014.

  • First circular organic garden of Cuba will be in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Workpeople of the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production 1ro de Enero raise in this municipality the first circular organic garden of Cuba. The construction is part of the attractions of the Botanical Park of Camagüey, only one of its type in the country and in the area of the Caribbean.

  • A festival to re-make our movies

    Camagüey.- When one speaks about Cuban movies, a button activates iconic flashes in our mind: the constrictive hug of Diego and David in Fresa y Chocolate, the facial scream of clandestine Isabel Santos before her dead love or the sharp look of Corrieri looking down over Havana with his telescope.

  • Constituted Camagüeyan delegation to the Xth Congress of the Youth

    Jimaguayú, Camagüey.- In the historical Consuegra pastures, to 53 kilometers of the city of Camagüey, where on October 6th, 1871 Ignacio Agramonte rescued brigadier Julio Sanguily, was constituted the delegation of the province in the first hours of this July 1st to the Xth Congress of the Cuba´s Young Communist League (UJC), integrated by 34 delegates and 5 guests.

  • The Social Assistance is consolidated in the municipality of Florida

    Camagüey, Florida.- The update of the family study kicked off here in 2012, it is included among the most important tasks assumed by the Unit of Social Work of the municipality of Florida.

  • Nuevitas Port brings efficiency in ships unloading

    Nuevitas, Camagüey.- The workpeople of Nuevitas port bring high efficiency parameters in the current year, especially for the speed in the ships discharge by means of which they achieve an average of 1.3 days of advance.

  • Camagüey expects to obtain the fourth position in School Games

    Camagüey.- The delegation of over 400 athletes that will represent this province in the LI National School Games, expects to recover the fourth place lost in the previous edition.

  • Road safety to be increased in Santa Cruz del Sur for summer

    Santa Cruz del Sur, Camagüey.- For the sake of preserving the health and life of the inhabitants of Santa Cruz del Sur and those of the visitors who arrive at the territory in the summer season 2015, important measurements are adopted like the plans of road safety.

  • Camagüey ready to Wi-Fi navigation

    Camagüey.- Between 50 and 100 users will be able to connect at the maximum available speed in the points of Wi-Fi technology for the navigation in the Internet, enable in this city in the Agramonte Park and in El Gallo Square, which will kick off to deliver public services next July.