• Applauses for Ballet Endedans in Merida

    Camagüey.- The Contemporary Ballet Endedans deserved the praise of the public and the criticism for its spectacle "Vivir, vivir", with that it assumed the closing gala ceremony of the festival of the arts Otoño Cultural, in Merida, Yucatan.

  • For a longer life, eat healthy

    Camagüey.- The club of Hundred Twenty Years promoted healthy ways of consuming food, from the first ages.

  • Buena Fe and Fernando Pérez in El Almacén de la Imagen Festival

    Camagüey.- The XXVth Audio-visual Exhibit Almacén de la Imagen, which every year is organized by the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) of this province, will have for the celebration of its first quarter of century with the participation of the film maker Fernando Pérez and of the duo Buena Fe.

  • Cuban culture with special day in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The Day of the Cuban Culture continues in this province with multiple celebrations to the essence, from the gift to the history and the memory, to the continuous and creative contribution of the synthesis never concluded of the nation.

  • The rumba bet for Cielo street

    Camagüey.- Cielo street between Campo Santo and Desengaño bet and won. But its total was not in coins; it won with the weight of the history and the tradition.

  • Cattle company of Camagüey advances in the food sufficiency

    Camagüey.- The Cattle Company of Camagüey completed eight units which capacity of grasslands and forages allows them to feed the totality of the cattle, without being necessary the meal transportations up to these facilities.

  • Still hospitalized in Camagüey, 19 of the injured people in traffic accident

    Camagüey.- The provincial Health direction in Camagüey informed that 19 of the injured persons remain hospitalized due to a traffic accident of this Saturday in the highway to Santa Cruz del Sur, fact that left 13 dead persons.

  • Camagüey, second in Cuba in not state ETECSA agents

    Camagüey.- This province, with over 1 840 not state agents of the telecommunications, is the second one of Cuba with regard to this form of employment, which makes viable and brings over to the communities the services of the Cuban Telecomunications Company (ETECSA).

  • Debate in Camagüey protection of archaeological patrimony

    Camagüey.- A look to the patrimony and the archaeology from the perspective of the cultural plurality, is the central target of the meetings of the Ist International Symposium “Archaeological Patrimony, Cuban identity and Protection”, that will take place in this metropolis between the 27th and 29th.

  • Severe damages to the electrical service in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The electrical service of the city of Camagüey and of other points turned out to be affected last Friday as a result of a severe local thunderstorm, accompanied by strong winds.

  • Is there a profession more important than the teaching?

    Minas, Camagüey.- To be just and that the image does not leave breach for false trials, you must know that this bureau that accompanies Somnia Crespo del Risco in the snapshot was only by chance, since she is not of those who are always in an office.

  • They will not be able to hide you, Che Guevara

    Camagüey.- To 48 years of your departure, they could not have hidden you, not neither in moorlands, nor in the saws, not under ground, as said the poet in his memorable poems. And they could not have hidden you, because you have never gone.

  • Damaged monument returned to its place

    Camagüey.- In hours of the dawn, a citizen who in these moments is arrested, rose to shoulders of the monument that symbolizes the Homeland, in the sculptural set of the General Ingnacio Agramonte Loynaz, in the central park of our city, knocking it down.

  • An outstanding young woman

    Jimaguayú, Camagüey.- Yanielli Castro Vázquez is a young woman just like another one, although with more responsibilities.

  • Blue colors to honor Che Guevara

    Camagüey.- This Thursday, October 8th, date in which is remembered the 48 anniversary of the fall in combat of Ernesto Che Guevara, again the Camagüeyan children, like those of the whole Cuba that study first grade of the elementary education, will knot to the neck the blue shawl, symbol that distinguishes them like members of the Jose Marti Young Pioneers' Organization (OPJM) in its Moncadista stage.

  • October 6th: Sad day to remember

    Camagüey.- We, the Cuban, are not mean persons not vindictives, all the contrary, we characterize for being modest, kind, united and very human. Although all this seems wrong for being written by a Cuban, that is the way I feel.

  • Digital television signal spreads in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Some new 86 800 potential users in this province benefit with the enlargement of the signal of the digital television to two more municipalities, in addition to the head one, after the installation of two transmitters in Nuevitas and Santa Cruz del Sur.

  • More agricultural production, urgent task in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The food production of agricultural origin in this province presents in the year nonperformances in most of the lines, situation that is necessary to revert in the minor possible time.

  • Election of lay judges in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Under the historical premise of bringing the administration of justice over to the people, 866 lay judges are chosen in Camagüey before the closing of this year to exercise jurisdiction during the constitutional order of the period 2016-2020.

  • Does Nuevitas have values to develop the tourism?

    Nuevitas, Camagüey.- “Potentialities of Nuevitas for the beach and city tourism”, is the name of the first workshop that will be celebrated next December 18th and 19th in this northern metropolis, convened by the Municipal Assembly of the Peoples' Power and the university center of this town, in the context of the efforts that realizes the province facing the development of this industry.