• New "injection" for the Health of the world

    Camagüey.- The Medical School Carlos J. Finlay graduated 979 young people, who received the title that credits them like new professionals of the Health; of these, 179 from 20 nationalities, with the motivation of dedicating this to the 35th Anniversary of the House of High Studies, and to the 62nd of the Assault to the garrisons Moncada, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

  • Efficacy in calibration of electrical counting meters

    Camagüey.- Over 80 000 digital counting meters have been calibrated in the Electrical Company of this province during 2014 and 2015, thanks to the recovery of two universal slates for the cross-check of these devices in the laboratory of the entity.

  • Camagüeyan Red Cross celebrates its 83rd anniversary

    Camagüey.- “Since the volunteer movement is the principal strength of our organization, to its over 2 000 members is dedicated this anniversary, which we commemorate in a very special moment for our society”.

  • Days of Lake

    Camagüey.- For every Camagüeyan it is a pride to be provided with a place as special as “El Lago de los Sueños”. Since its opening it turned into the most important recreational center of this city that longs for the breeze of the sea and that looks for the sensation of peace that the tides bring. For these suns the complex offers varied options to the visitors who think about how to enjoy their holidays in family.

  • Apply GPS technology to topographic studies of projects of electrical lines

    Camagüey.- The topographic studies of projects of electrical lines of broadcast and distribution of this province are at first world level with the use of the GPS (System of Global Position) conceived for the navigation for radio being based on the satellites employment.

  • 11 000 hectares of rice will not be harvested in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Nearly 11 000 hectares of rice were not planted in the province due to the adverse effects of the drought, which also lashes the dams of the region, which today are below 27 % of filling.

  • Capacities for elders attention to be increased

    Camagüey.- An increase of over 350 capacities in homes for the elderly is foreseen in this province for this year, like part of the actions that develops the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) to favor the care of this population sector.

  • Camagüeyan government takes care of rural communities

    Camagüey.- The Government in this province takes care of the problems that happens in the rural communities of the territory, and works to relieve or to solve difficulties that affect the life of the inhabitants of these places.

  • Over 1 000 new graduates from the University of Camagüey

    Camagüey.- With its 1 025 new professionals, the Camagüey University Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, the first founded by the Revolution, ratified its intention of reaching the excellence, as announced its rector Dr.C Santiago Lajes Choy, in the ceremony celebrated this Monday in the square that also takes the name of the Eponymous Hero of this territory.

  • As an oasis in the flatness

    Céspedes, Camagüey.- Carlos Manuel de Céspedes is not one of those generous municipalities in rivers or other aquatic surfaces where the common of the mortals could get better of the stifling summer heats.

  • Children and bees in the beehive

    Camagüey.- Not the Charro Díaz, the Gallo Malayo, the Chivo Nativo, and even less the Oso Roñoso managed to conquer the dusty Marilú Martina or Cucarachita Martina, who was waiting anxious for the ideal boyfriend to marry.

  • Continue in Camagüey forums of science and technique

    Camagüey.- The base forums of science and technique continue in the province of Camagüey as part of all the work of strengthening of the innovations and rationalizations that bring economic and social benefits to the country.

  • Digitized in Camagüey principal telephone centrals

    Camagüey.- With the digitization of the telephone central of Najasa, the totality of the stations of this type located in the municipal heads of the province of Camagüey are already provided with modern technology, which sustains more services than the ancient analogical plants.

  • La Soledad Square

    Camagüey.- La Soledad Square, further on called El Gallo Square, and today de la Solidaridad Square, is a symbol of incomparable value for the cultural heritage of the city of Camagüey, being an urban courtyard and atrium of the most representative buildings of the community.

  • Cane in Camagüey: it is necessary to increase outcomes

    Camagüey.- One of the provinces that potentially could contribute the most to the economy, as for what the sugar agribusiness is proposed for the next harvest, only overcomes lightly what was planned in the previous one and supported in the increase of the efficiency.

  • Camagüey, national head office of event of Logistics and Marketing

    Camagüey.- During next 21st and 22nd, Camagüey will be a head office of the national event of Logistics and Marketing with the assistance of foreign delegates from Mexico, Germany and Spain.

  • Modernize rice mill of Vertientes

    Vertientes, Camagüey.- The modernization of the rice mill Francisco "Panchito" Mendoza, of this municipality, and one of the five of the Agroindustrial Company of Grains Ruta Invasora, advances with the installation of several devices of Brazilian manufacture and must be ready for the harvest of next year.

  • Analyze promotion and Cuban literary distribution

    Camagüey.- The promotion and book distribution and the future of the System of Territorial Editions (SET), celebrated in this city, a meet of writers and collaborators with Zuleica Romay, president of the Cuban Book Institute (ICL).

  • International Festival CIRCUBA in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- CIRCUBA, the most important circus event of the American continent, will move to 540 kilometers to the east of the Cuban capital, where is found one of the first seven towns founded on Cuba, the once Port-au-Prince, today Camagüey.

  • Academic efficiency of Cuban University of the Arts

    Camagüey.- The subsidiary of the Cuban University of the Arts (ISA) in this province reached the academic year with outcomes that demonstrate its academic efficiency at a height of 25 years of this group for professionals of the music, dance and the audio-visual communication.