• Camagüey welcomes Gerardo Hernández

    Camagüey.- Many tokens of fondness were received by Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, when walking the central Republica street like part of his visit to the city of Camagüey, Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • Camagüeyan folklore harvests successes in Europe

    Camagüey.- The Folk Company Camagua, of this province, maintains its summer tour along several European nations, with great public attendance and congratulations of personalities of the ambience of the festivals in which it has been introduced.

  • Severe local thunderstorm without human damages in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The severe local thunderstorm of this Sunday in the city of Camagüey, did not cause human damages but several material affectations, among them multiple interruptions of the electrical service for the objects fall on the wires due to the strong winds.

  • Biggest Cuban bat lives in Key Sabinal

    Camagüey.- The reproductive success of the fishing bat in Key Sabinal, one of few places where it lives, encourages researchers due to the proclaimed danger of extinction of the biggest chiropter of Cuba.

  • Literary Crusade of Camagüey will have alternative book

    Camagüey.- The making of the first book in this province with independent edition, recycling and art, a practice in the current world, will be an innovation of the twelfth Literary Crusade of Cuban creative young people, foreseen here from August 7th until 13th.

  • Breast feeding: Nutritional option without equal

    Camagüey.- Between August 1st and 7th is celebrated in Camagüey, as in a great part of the world, the World Week dedicated to the Breast feeding, ideal and irreplaceable benefit for its natural nutrients preparation and in the quantities needed for the metabolism, which includes antibodies and up to the water, everything that favors the immunity of the baby.

  • ETECSA improves its services

    Camagüey.- From this Monday the steps without cost of the mobile telephony that in the whole province were only realized in the commercial office of services Cubacel, in Avellaneda street, will spread to six new points of the Commercial network, reported to Adelante, Mailen Durán, specialist in Institutional Communication of Etecsa in the territory.

  • The most productive young people of Cuba

    Camagüey.- Many dates mark in Camagüey the meetings of the Cuban youth for changingff the big cattle large estates in a diverse economy, in which, of course, the agricultural and sugar productions, would also mark the most extensive province of the Caribbean country.

  • Frank, the legacy of a Cuban of the XXth Century

    Camagüey.- This on July 30th is celebrated the 57 years of the fall in combat of one of the most transcendent men of the last stage of the insurrectionary struggle for the independence of Cuba, Frank País García.

  • Almost extinct plant blooms in Key Sabinal

    Camagüey.- The wild avocado (Dendrocereus nudiflorus), one of the 50 plants most threatened in Cuba, bloomed this summer in Key Sabinal, where there grow 21 plants reported in this province.

  • The forests promotion grows in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- More than 100 hectares of forests over the 400 of last year are encouraged up to date in the province, both for natural regeneration and for plantation.

  • Wi-Fi technology with big acceptance in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The opening of two points for Internet navigation by means of Wi-Fi in this city, and the reduction of the quota per hour of 4.50 cuc to 2.00 cuc, has had big success among the Camagüeyans.

  • Triptych of a July 26th: 1977, 1989, 2007

    Camagüey.- This province has deserved in three opportunities the head office of the national event for the July 26th´s anniversary, celebrating the assaults to the garrisons Guillermón Moncada in Santiago de Cuba and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in Bayamo, hence a glance to the effervescent chore of the Camagüeyan people in every stage, given that it is an indissoluble part of the local history.

  • Sub-23, notes

    Camagüey.- To six matches of the first position, Camagüey will wrap up this Friday its most recent subseries in the Cándido González stadium. Although still rest several meets of the classifying calendar, practically already it turns out to be impossible that Sancti Spiritus loses its ticket to the semifinals of the second National Series of Baseball for 23-year-old minors.

  • Singing to the people

    Camagüey.- Every Cuban older than 50 years is aware of the "discotembas" (discos for the olders), activated this summer, when more visitors flow to our city. It is a pleasure to come to one of these places, for the warmth of the associates to the clubs of the Década Prodigiosa, and because there the pocket allows to drink a pair of cold beers, have a dance, and remember or forget some past.

  • The Moncada of Minas

    Camagüey.- The square that in Mines commemorates the first heroic service of Ignacio Agramonte to the independence of Cuba received this Friday the provincial act for the July 26th celebration. Early, the 26 de Noviembre square was full of people to remember that one different 26th.

  • Fidel's people

    Camagüey.- The Generation of the 100th Anniversary, this way was named the group of young people who in 1953, inspired in the pro-independence legacy of Marti and headed by Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, assaulted on July 26th, 1953 the Garrisons Moncada, in Santiago de Cuba, the second military strength in importance in the country, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in Bayamo.

  • Cuba in the Pan-American of Toronto: at least third?

    Camagüey.- As in the Olympics of Barcelona 1992, when the boxing “took responsibility” for Cuba and made it climb up to the fifth impressive position of the general medal table; this time, in the Pan-American Games of Toronto, the men of the ring are forced to dress themselves of country.

  • In the School Games... not so well, not so bad

    Camagüey.- Although with some outcomes for compiling, this Thursday -little to wrap up the 51st National School Games- it was already a certainty that Camagüey will wrap up its performance with a "sweet and sour" harvest.

  • Fresh water fishing increases in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- With over 500 tons of fish over the 2 588 planned, the Camagüeyans show a growth of 105 % with regard to equal date of last year, and support the national supremacy.