• Materials in Braille for Provincial Library of Camagüey

    Camagüey.- A collection of diverse means of education in the Braille system, was received in the Room of Music of the Library Julio Antonio Mella, of this province, like support to the special education for this disability.

  • When the Sun warms...

    Camagüey.- “This heat is unbereable. Yesterday a niece told me that in Burgos the temperature was to 14 grades: I´d be so happy there! It is the first time that I visit Cuba and, although its verdure and people fascinate me, I do not like these perspirations; I have never had such a hot summer. It is a real problem for very white skins like mine”, mentioned to me in the morning a Spanish, native of Valencia.

  • Higher constitutional protection for elders of Cuba

    Camagüey.- For 2025 Cuba will be the most aged country of Latin America and the Caribbean, and although the current laws in the nation look over the fundamental rights like human beings of this population group in ascent, it is still not provided with a legislative paragraph that endorses a differentiated attention to them.

  • Camagüeyan university students will support the teaching process

    Camagüey.- The contingent “Leonela Relys“, integrated by students of the Camagüey University Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, will support the teaching process the next academic year in institutions of the General Education in the province, as well as the vocational formation, the vocational guidance and the rescue of values.

  • Carlos Manuel de Céspedes plant ready for sugar harvest

    Camagüey.- Carlos Manuel de Céspedes plant, of those with better outcomes in the last sugar harvest in this province, has a good performance in the arrangements for the coming grinding, which will kick off in December.

  • Camagua returns from Europe

    Camagüey.- After performing in several European countries since last June 23rd, the Folk Company Camagua, of this province, will return today to Cuba, hailed by the public and congratulated by personalities assistants to the events in which it took part.

  • Nenisley will not lose the books of Lugareño

    Minas, Camagüey.- In this age of the computerization, with modern devices and the Internet, one is afraid that the books are forgotten and become one day obsolete objects as the discs of acetate or the cassette players. That's why it is so good when we find over some literary oasis.

  • Siboney plant prepares its next sugar harvest

    Camagüey.- The workpeople of the Siboney plant, that of major efficiency and best outcomes in the last sugar harvest in this province, are immersed in preparing appropriately the industry with a view to the coming campaign.

  • Nieves in the green foresta

    Florida, Camagüey.- After the steps of Mercedes, her mom, Nieves, was an early member of the FMC (Federation of Cuban Women), place that turned out to be a forge to know more and to teach many children as teacher in the elementary school “José Martí“, of Florida.

  • Under repair Batalla de las Guásimas sugar plant

    Camagüey.- Batalla de Las Guásimas sugar plant, the biggest producer of sugar of this province, realizes without mishaps the repairs to face the coming harvest, that this plant will kick off in the first days of December.

  • More Camagüeyans in the Book of the Honor

    Camagüey.- A group of 55 women, representatives of diverse sectors of the production, the services, the defense, inscribed their names last Friday in the Book of the Honor of the Camagüeyan Woman, in ceremony carried out in the House Amalia Simoni of this city, and in occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) to be held this August 23rd.

  • In Camagüey national tournament of Dota 2

    Camagüey.- These days and thanks to the initiative of the Community Computer Club in Camagüey, the movies Casablanca is a head office of a national tournament of Dota 2, one of the most popular video games among the young people, that assembled for this occasion 80 players from 10 provinces.

  • Kicked off Nautical-Recreational Festival 2015 in Santa Lucia beach

    Camagüey.- The Vth edition of the Nautical-Recreational Festival 2015 in Santa Lucia beach kicked off today, sponsored by the International Diving Center of the Marina Marlin of this Cuban beach.

  • Women and mass media, alliance of strengths in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) has among its strengths the unconditional support of the radio stations in the whole country, the provincial newspapers and the mass media in general, expressed here Teresa Amarelle Boué, general secretary of the women's organization at national level.

  • Message to Fidel from workpeople of the plant of zeolite of Najasa

    Najasa, Camagüey.- In an emotive meeting celebrated at midday of this Wednesday, the workpeople of the plant of zeolite of Najasa, one of the four of the country, agreed to send a congratulation message to the Commander in Head Fidel Castro in occasion of his 89th birthday that is celebrated this August 13th.

  • North American embassy in Havana

    Camagüey.- This August 14th, according to schedule, will be officially re-open the North American embassy in Havana, after 54 years without diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba, and again it will ripple in the building that was occupying the Office of Interests, in front of the capital levee, the flag of the bars and the stars.

  • The giant in his 89

    Camagüey.- I do not think there is a person more admired in the world, even among his adversaries, that this brilliant man whose name is also Alejandro. He was born on August 13th, 1926, somewhere near a point of the geography of Holguin called Birán.

  • Céspedes was the best!

    Camagüey.- It is still necessary to wait for the report of the jury, that will select the winner of the best ¨caldosa¨, but... regarding initiatives and rejoicings thare are no doubts that the municipality Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was the best in the provincial contest “La caldosa cederista”, celebrated in this province as part of the celebrations for the 55th anniversary of the birth of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution (CDR) and, in this edition, for the 89th birthday of its creator: the eternal commander in chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

  • Stockbreeders of Florida implement measures to resist effects of the drought

    Florida, Camagüey.- Activating the 25 existing windmills in the municipality of Florida to exploit the wells is another of the measures that are executed in the local Cattle Company to ensure the supply of the liquid to animals in development in its productive units. At present, the managers of the Cattle Company consider the situation of the pastures to be difficult for the insufficient plantations of grasses and the poor recovery of the cut areas for forage, lacking in irrigation or in rain, and there is foreseen a worsening with the intensification of the drought.

  • The Federation of Cuban Women comes to its 55th anniversary

    Camagüey.- Inspired by the example of Mariana Grajales, concerning the bicentenary of her birthday last July, kicked off the festivities for the 55th anniversary of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), in Camagüey , with the conference: Mariana, una mujer para todos los tiempos.