• Created in Camagüey the Union of Computer Programmers of Cuba

    Camagüey.- A new organization comes alive in Camagüey, the Union of Computer Programmers of Cuba (UIC) born like an institution of voluntary affiliation and simultaneously selective whose goal is to contribute, from its professional projection, to the economic, social and cultural development of the country.

  • Cane sowing to 65% in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The perspective of improving in minor time the quality and quantity of the sugar-cane plantations of this province, is compromised before the considerable delay that has the sowing in the year.

  • Camagüey: the boxing already thinks about the Playa Girón Tournament

    Camagüey.- The Camagüeyan boxing is almost ready for the 54th edition of the Playa Girón Tournament, to be held here next December and in which the local boxers will try to obtain their fifth consecutive title, unpublished fact in the history of these fights.

  • New district attorneys received in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- With the pride and the certainty of the duty to be fulfilled, ten lawyers were received in the head office of the Provincial District Attorney's Office of Camagüey in symbolic welcome that from the present date that credits them like municipal district attorneys.

  • Designs of Jorge Lozano cut across the scenery

    Camagüey.- The Cuban designer Jorge Lozano Viamontes set up in this city the novel personal exhibit “El vestuario  más allá de la escenografía”, concerning his 45 years of artistic life.

  • Economists' consultancy updates services portfolio

    Camagüey.- The consultancy CANEC, with its matrix house in the capital and 13 divisions in the provinces, works at the update of the portfolio of services adapting it to the new conditions that there imposes the improving of the Cuban economic model.

  • Congress of Orthopaedics in Camagüey under preparation

    Camagüey.- The Center of Conventions Santa Cecilia, of this city, assigned to the Office of the Historian, will be the head office of the XXVIth Cuban Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, foreseen from September 21st to 26th.

  • Puerto Rico: a broken wing

    Camagüey.- Since the North American square of admiral Sampson was bombarding the capital, San Juan, with the pretext of the war who had declared to Spain, supposedly for the explosion in Havana´ port of the armoured Maine, Puerto Rico turned into a colony of the United States in 1898, with different nomenclatures, until our days.

  • The University kicked off the school year with over 6 000 students

    Camagüey.- To Achieve the excellence category is the principal target of the Camagüey University Ignacio Agramonte for its 50th anniversary, next 2017, announced today the Doctor in Sciences Santiago Lajes Choy, rector of the institution, when delivering the speech of the event of beginning of the academic year, celebrated in the faculty of Pedagogic Sciences José Martí.

  • Teachers' deficit persists in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- The schools already opened its doors for the future and the teaching coverage keeps on being, this school year, the principal challenge of Camagüey.

  • National Series: a season to win?

    Camagüey.- There are moments in which there no more remedies than adopting the always ungrateful position of the know-it-all and to be affirmed with all its letters: "I told you”. As it seems, the 55th National Series of Baseball, that newly kicks off, will offer wide opportunities to do it, since in its development numerous incidences will arise, imponderable someone, others... not so much.

  • Students premiere school in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- In a premiere school, the Agricultural Polytechnical School Álvaro Barba Machado, the Camagüeyans celebrated the provincial event for the beginning of the academic year 2015-2016; event that although repeated every year and does not leave margin to insecurities, turns out to be excellent for the guarantees that it offers in spite of the economic hurdles of Cuba.

  • Camagüeyan beekeeping sector over the plan, but still the drought...

    Camagüey.- The Camagüeyan beekeeping sector, the fifth province in production, achieved in the course of the year 317 tons of honey with exportable quality, an outcome above the expected so far.

  • Continues decreasing of water volume in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- Despite the rains of last days, the volume of water stored in this province, that of major number of reservoirs of Cuba, remains drecreasing due to the intense drought in its meteorological phase that affects the territory, still in epoch of precipitations.

  • Registered Camagüeyan baseball team

    Camagüey.- The registering of the baseball team that will represent this province in the 55th edition of the National Series, was carried out yesterday in the Motel Caonao, of the share-out Puerto Príncipe, when there were kicking off the rains of the tropical wave Erika, with a meet between Ciego de Ávila and Isla de la Juventud, in the stadium José Ramón Cepero.

  • Anti-flu vaccination campaign

    Camagüey.- With the goal of preventing in the groups of major risk the serious complications for Influenza, there will develop from Monday, August 31st in this province the anti-flu vaccination campaign, which tries to comprise a universe next to 17 000 Camagüeyans.

  • Zeolite plant resume industrial operations

    Najasa, Camagüey.- The Base Business Unit located in this municipality, to 56 kilometers of the city of Camagüey, dedicated to the production of zeolite and of carbonate of calcium, resumed this week its works, after over four months of a cardinal repair of its technological equipment and of improvements in its buildings.

  • Summer in Camagüey: of the sun and shades for the sport

    Camagüey.- That during the summer it is possible to take the recreation up to the heart of every community was a certainty that Adelante Newspaper verified only days ago, in Garrido share-out, of the city of Camagüey, when we agreed with an activity organized by teachers of sports, promoters of Culture and the neighbors of the street Pasaje B.

  • Today concert of Polito Ibañez in Camagüey

    Camagüey.- This Friday, August 28th, at 9:00 pm, the popular singer-songwriter Polito Ibañez will give his music to the Camagüeyans in a concert that will take place in the emblematic Carmen square, located in the historical center of the metropolis.

  • This weekend, farewell to the holidays

    Camagüey.- When August dies came to the ultimatum the holidays 5, 4, 3, 2... But, although little, there is still a weekend to enjoy. Where to go in Camagüey? Today on Friday we can enjoy the concert of the singer-songwriter Polito Ibañez in El Carmen Square at 9:00 pm, or that of the group Rumbatá, which will take place at the same hour but in the Cultural Entertainment Center Casino and will be accompanied by ¨rumberos¨ of Italy, Venezuela and Argentina.