• "The Che is multiplied in million"

    He speaks about Alfredo, his father, with clear worship; of him he learned, after all, what the ideals of justice and of revolution are. Although he refers to the Che with vehemence: "it was the most consecrated”, he says. I propose to him to converse of Ernesto Guevara because Raúl Zurita is a Camagüey´s citizen who took part in the Capture of Santa Clara at the end of 1958. However, the dialogue reserves some surprises...

  • October 6th: Sad day to remember

    Camagüey.- We, the Cuban, are not mean persons not vindictives, all the contrary, we characterize for being modest, kind, united and very human. Although all this seems wrong for being written by a Cuban, that is the way I feel.

  • Frank, the legacy of a Cuban of the XXth Century

    Camagüey.- This on July 30th is celebrated the 57 years of the fall in combat of one of the most transcendent men of the last stage of the insurrectionary struggle for the independence of Cuba, Frank País García.

  • The Platt Amendment in the history of Cuba

    Camagüey.- On June 12th, 1901, in secret meeting of the Constituent Assembly there was added the Platt Amendment as appendix to the Constitution of the Republic with the voting of 16 delegates in favor and 11 in against, with which kicked off a new page of hypocrisy and trick around the American intention of taking possession of Cuba.

  • The death of José Martí

    Camagüey.- There are innumerable versions of the events related to the fall in combat of José Martí on May 19th, 1895. A compilation realized by the researcher Rolando Rodríguez, in his book "Dos Ríos, a caballo y con el sol en  la frente" brings us near to a great extent to the possible reality.