• Cuban First VP praises role of young people in elections

    Cuba´s First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel said that Cuban youth are the main protagonists of this Sunday's elections, which they attend to fulfill their commitment to Fidel, Raúl and the Revolution.

  • Cuban State Council calls for general elections

    The Cuban Council of State called all Cubans in voting age to participate in the general elections to choose the delegates to the municipality, provincial and national People´s Power Assemblies.

  • Republicans Close Ranks behind Donald Trump in US

    Washington, (Prensa Latina).- The Republican Party of the United States is taking steps to close ranks behind its second candidate, Donald Trump, to prevent the victory of the probable Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.
    Although many Republicans have refused to support the leading candidate, others, like Senator John McCain, have called on their colleagues to join forces and listen to the voters who have already expressed their intention to vote for the New York tycoon.

  • Hailed electoral authorities of Camagüey for partial elections

    Camagüey.- The member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, Jorge Luis Tapia Fonseca, first secretary in the province, acknowledged the work of the electoral authorities, candidacies committees and the Camagüeyan people, protagonist in the partial elections of last April.

  • Participative reality

    Camagüey.- It is true that at the meetings of the constituency not all the neighbors are always present, because it is impossible to leave alone adults of advanced age, a sick child and if someone is hospitalized. And those who work at night or are out of house or wrap up to come shortly before the hour indicated almost to the edge of the soap opera?

  • Advance in Camagüey suffrages of the second round

    Camagüey.- At 9:00 am of this Sunday, over 16 600 electorate had voted in the 56 constituencies that went to the second electoral round in this one, the most extensive province of the country.

  • Voting is also governing

    Camagüey.- When in the middle of an ambience of popular enthusiasm we go to the ballot boxes, on Sunday, April 19th, everything will seem very simple. The electoral school will be a place near to our house.

  • Camagüey province ready for elections of April

    Camagüey.- The Provincial Electoral Committee (CEP) in Camagüey presided by Mariano Basulto Pérez, declared yesterday the biggest province of the country ready for the partial suffrages of next April 19th.

  • On Sunday dynamic test for elections

    Camagüey.- As antechamber of the coming partial elections for delegates of the municipal assemblies of the Peoples´ Power, will be carried out this Sunday the dynamic test, which will declare ready 1 759 schools that will work in the province for the suffrages of Sunday, April 19th.