• Computer science of the health

    Isabel Rojas Torrella is a pupil of fifth year of Computer Engineering of the University of Camagüey Ignacio Agramonte Loynaz, a young woman who, from the science of the programming, stands out for her collaborations to institutions of the province of Camagüey and who in her graduation will get a special recognition for the Union of Computer programmers of Cuba.

  • Cuba and the U.S. to Fight Diseases Together

    Health authorities of Cuba and the United States signed earlier this week a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in combating diseases affecting the two neighboring countries and to exchange experiences.

  • Cuba’s Ministry of Public Health Reports Sixth Imported Zika Case

    Havana, Cuba.- (acn) An information note by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health reported the sixth imported case of Zika virus, corresponding to a 32 year-old Cuban physician that was offering her services in Venezuela and arrived in Cuba (from the Venezuelan state of Lara) on March 15 and lives in the city of Artemisa, the Granma newspaper reported on Thursday.

  • Good results of therapeutic vaccines against cancer in Camaguey

    Camagüey.- Therapeutic vaccines to persons suffering from cancer show good results in several health units of Camagüey province.

  • When the Sun warms...

    Camagüey.- “This heat is unbereable. Yesterday a niece told me that in Burgos the temperature was to 14 grades: I´d be so happy there! It is the first time that I visit Cuba and, although its verdure and people fascinate me, I do not like these perspirations; I have never had such a hot summer. It is a real problem for very white skins like mine”, mentioned to me in the morning a Spanish, native of Valencia.